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Eckold Flanging Tanks and Vessels: Uses and Applications

October 19th, 2018

Introducing the Eckold flanging range, this series of handheld profile-creating tools is clearly intended to process cylindrical edges. When those edges are featureless and flat, apart from their cylindrically conferred curves, the tool of choice is a tank and vessel flanging device. Come on, there’s a distillery vessel being flanged at the moment, and we want to see the tool in action.

In-house Flanging Operations 

This isn’t an Eckold flanging tool, this is a floor model, a massive piece of equipment that’s refining the sheet metal edges of a distillery vessel. The edges are being profiled, curved and shaped so that they couple to a second cylindrical object. The rim bends outwards or inwards or draws upwards. Moving from this flanging station, the newly added cylinder lip is no longer rough-edged and raw. It’s splayed tidily or smoothed to facilitate the passage of a fluid. Processed by powerful pneumatics, by hydraulically actuated machine assemblies and high-quality mechanical sub-assemblies, the equipment produces coupling lips, flanged cylinder profiles, rim accents, and more.

On-The-Road Eckold Flanging 

Breaking from that standard operational model, Eckold has produced a range of mobile flanging tools. No larger than a handheld power tool, the gear includes a fluid-actuated drive unit, the handheld tool section, and a set of interchangeable inserts. All sections are coupled by fluid-conveying hoses. For smaller cylinders, tubes that use thin sheet metal sections, the Mobilformer MZ20 works its way, step-by-step, around a rim. At the top end of the scale, processing thicker curved plates, the Mobilformer MKF140 takes charge. Again, it operates as a specialized pair of fluid-actuated pliers, moving around an edge to deliver a lip or profiled bend.

Saving a Mention for Flanging Applications 

The lightweight flanging model can make short work of 2.0 to 4.0-mm thick sheet steel. For stainless steel, expect the tool to process 2.0 to 3.0-mm metal. As for the heavy-duty model, we’re looking at 6.0 to 15-mm sheet metal and up to 12-mm stainless applications. That flanging work is called upon wherever there’s a tube or cylinder in need of a profiled lip. For mechanical couplings in factories, for fluid transmission lines in chemical or petroleum processing facilities, the Eckold Flanging range is a desirable piece of kit.

Even in a manhole or neck-forming job, the equipment finds a place of pride in a company toolkit. Used in a tank or vessel refinement role, the interchangeable inserts that come with the rim shaping tool and its drive unit are fully capable of adding several differently profiled lip forms to cylinders, be they outward curving or inward contouring with an intricately fashioned rim section.

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