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U.S. Industrial Tool

May 10th, 2016

US Industrial Tool is an American owned and operated tool manufacturing company. USIT proudly serves the aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries with superior tools that are 100% made in the USA.

USIT’s presence knows no bounds as they currently serve customers worldwide with impeccable products and service. From start to finish, your relationship with our company and products will be one that is backed by a long tradition of excellence.

Request a quote today, or contact us for assistance in finding the right metal working tools for your application.

U.S. Industrial Tools Products:

  1. Pneumatic Drilling & Riveting Tools
  2. Sheet Metal Tool Kits
  3. Aircraft Tool Kits
  4. Rivet Sets & Bucking Bars
  5. Temporary Fasteners
  6. Hand & Power squeezers
  7. Pneumatic Grinders and Sanders
  8. Microstop Countersink Cages & Cutters

Catalogue Download

USI Vol 21 (7.9mb)


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