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Understanding Enidine SIDAS (Shock Isolating Double Acting Spring) Products

December 17th, 2019

To be clear, the majority of electronic equipment is still very delicate. True, there are military-grade electronic components, but these are designed to handle major temperature swings, plus the occasional hard knock. Enidines’ Shock Isolator Double-Acting Springs (SIDAS) product range is utilised when such onerous conditions present themselves. Basically, the hydraulic dampers, equipped with highly […]

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Desoutter Angle Grinders and Sanders: Benefits against Other Industrial Tool Competitors

December 3rd, 2019

Manufacturers stand on shaky ground when they self-promote their own products. Sure user endorsements and independent reviews are helpful, but there’s still that overall lack of objectivity to address. What’s required here is a comparative enquiry, with the emphasis of the investigation firmly placed on a series of analogous tool features. On one side, Enkosi […]

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Uses and Functions of Desoutter Screwfeeders

November 18th, 2019

Manually captained assembly lines place nimble-fingered employees along a moving conveyor line. Equipped with their screwdrivers, they use one opposable thumb and one finger to grab a single screw. What a slow way to get a job done, especially on a high-volume assembly line. No, high-volume manufacturing plants can’t manage with that kind of bottleneck. […]

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Enidine Adjustable Large Bore Series Shock Absorbers: Features and Applications

November 7th, 2019

Featuring a regulatable force dampening mechanism, Enidines’ adjustable large-bore series of shock absorbers are predominantly designed to counter ever-changing loading unknowns. That’s not an unusual circumstance, actually. With process loads fluctuating on automotive assembly systems, mine screening lines, and food processing machinery, a dynamic load absorption mechanism becomes an indispensable feature, one that’s fully incorporated […]

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Understanding the Uses and Features of Enidine High Performance Industrial Polybumpers

October 18th, 2019

New synthetic plastics are being cooked up in advanced R&D laboratories. Tested under the most trying conditions, these advanced materials use closed or open-cell rubber matrices to handle extraordinarily heavy forces. Back at the labs, high-performance poly bumpers have taken on the best features of these two cell structures. These polyurethane-based products are basically kinetic […]

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