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Tooling Products from U.S. Industrial Tool and Supply: Available at Enkosi

November 10th, 2017

Like the age-old aphorism states, choosing the right tool for the job is half the battle. That’s certainly the case when an engineering department works in the high-flying aerospace sector. Primed with a tooling portfolio that boasts the finest aerospace and automotive gear, U.S. Industrial Tool and Supply has partnered with Enkosi Pty. Ltd. to deliver a superior arsenal of tools, as brought to light by this article.

Superior Sheet Metal Processing Instruments 

Cars are built to funnel air currents past their streamlined metal panels. Aircraft fuselage panels push this air channeling principle to a whole other level. That’s why the U.S. Industrial Tool and Supply catalogue, courtesy of Enkosi, is called upon when these transport-centric manufacturing sectors require a state-of-the-art tooling partner. For example, sheet metal fabrication tools fill page after page inside the USIT catalogue. On those pages, rivet guns fasten aluminium airframes and soft sheet metal fuselage sheets. They assemble vehicle bodywork, boat components, and electronic housings. Designed as precision-machined tools, these pneumatic rivet guns come as single affordable instruments or as a part of a massive kit.

Introducing Rivet Squeezer Technology 

For applications where even a little material deformation is cause for concern, we bring the aerospace and automotive industry rivet squeezers. After all, pneumatic tools are inherently accurate, but a poorly handled rivet gun can pull a sheet metal seam out of true alignment. That’s a processing action that can’t be afforded on an assembling product that requires airtight seams. Hand and powered squeezers enter the scene at this point, for these slowly descending pistons are designed to gently squeeze rivets into place.

Designed to Assure Flat-Planed Accuracy 

Bucking bars, fabricated from tungsten, oppose riveting action like an anvil face when the fastening work is carried out in a confined area. Meanwhile, air drills countersink the fastener openings, pneumatic grinders and sanders scour ragged edges, and countersink cutters provide fastener head cutouts. Every single tool, as demonstrated by this comprehensively detailed product catalogue, is engineered to expedite the production of a single unibody fuselage or chassis skin, even though the assembled parts are sourced from thousands of fasteners and frame sections.

In order to support this arsenal of state-of-the-art pneumatic rivet guns, a vast array of accessories, from retainer springs to air regulator parts, fills the same catalogue. As for the rivet guns sold under the U.S. Industrial Tool and Supply brand label, they’re absolutely built for industrial reliability. Equipped with a viscoelastic dampening system and an ergonomically incorporated ‘sure grip’ handle, accuracy and quality are the twin bywords that first come to mind when these air-powered tools are sourced from the Enkosi product directory.

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