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A Brief Summary about Dynatect Custom Engineered Bellows for Machinery Protection

September 14th, 2020

Bellows play a huge role in machinery protection. When pressure is applied to the outside of a vessel or a machine, these bellows will compress. Alternatively, once the pressure or vacuum is released, then these bellows can revert to their original shape. The ability of these bellows to deform allows them to provide a hermetic seal to any machine or equipment that will prevent any passage of air, oxygen, or other gases.

Dynatect is a company that can manufacture cost-effective custom engineered bellows. The company boasts its capability to provide a full range of bellows that are suited for any type of application and industry. Dynatect’s custom engineered bellows can come in a wide variety of cover materials and other factors that will ultimately depend on one’s needs and requirements.

Some Factors in Customising Bellows

To help Dynatect in fabricating high-quality bellows, the company must consider certain application factors. One of the factors that the company considers is the temperature of the application. Mass-produced bellows are typically intended to sustain a certain range of tolerable temperatures. However, some applications can be too hot or too cold for these bellows to endure. Therefore, the company must consider the temperature of an application to produce a suitable bellow.

Another factor that Dynatect has to look out for is the bellows’ chemical or coolant resistance. Some applications would be exposed to chemicals or coolants that can easily deteriorate the surface of the bellows. But with Dynatect’s resources and experience, it can quickly choose a suitable material for the bellows that can withstand these harsh elements.

Environments that are abrasive and are exposed to weld splatter, ultraviolet light, dirt, dust, and moisture can be too harsh for some bellows. However, with Dynatect custom engineered bellows, these materials are guaranteed to withstand these elements easily given the professional know-how of the company.

Types of Custom Engineered Bellows

Dynatect has a wide range of custom engineered bellows that can be helpful in different applications. Some of these custom engineered bellows are the following:

  • Gortiflex® moulded bellows: This type of bellows is made from a tube of pure elastomer or elastomer-coated fabric that is formed into a tightly sealed cover. Gortiflex moulded bellows are durable, have a neat appearance, and can withstand moderate internal or external pressure. They can also protect a machine against moisture, contaminants, dirt, sand, oil, and ultraviolet radiation. These bellows are great for rod/ball screw covers, expansion joints, and fan duct connections.
  • Sewn bellows:Sewn bellows have been utilised as machine tool protection for a long time now. They are usually made from heavy-duty elastomer-coated fabric that is stitched with nylon or specialty thread. These bellows can easily protect a machine from dust, dirt, and other contaminants even with their low production costs. Some of their applications include way and linear rail covers, rod boots, ball screw covers, and pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder covers.
  • Heat sealed bellows: Heat sealed bellows are made from thermoplastic-coated fabric that is pleated and thermally welded to a PVC stiffener. These bellows do not have any stitch holes, seams, or breaks. They can also provide the needed protection for linear bearings and other precision equipment. This type of bellows can easily endure light- to medium-duty environments that are exposed to small particles, light abrasives, light oil, and liquids.

The shapes or bellows profile available with Dynatect custom engineered bellows may be square, rectangular, tapered, round, or oblong/oval. These bellows may also take non-standard or special shapes, which will vary depending on the intended machine applications and environments.

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