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A Deep Dive into ECKOLD’s Planishing Hammer GL 2

July 8th, 2021

A wide variety of companies now offer a lot of tools needed for sheet metal forming and finishing works. One of these companies is ECKOLD.

Since the founding of the company in 1957, ECKOLD has been the main source of tools and machines needed by industries that rely heavily on sheet metal and profiles. The company offers machines that can carry out sheet metal forming and finishing works without sacrificing quality and performance. Some processes that the ECKOLD can cater to are cold forming sheet metal and profiles, wheeling, , planishing, and clinching.

An Overview of Planishing Hammer GL 2

One of the processes that the ECKOLD products can carry out is planishing. Planishing is a metalworking process that modifies the finish of sheet metal products through shaping and smoothing them. And with ECKOLD’s own Planishing Hammer GL 2, this specific process can be done perfectly.

The Planishing Hammer GL 2 is known to be the best tool to provide sheet metal products with a perfect surface finish. Even fine laser weld seams can be processed with this specific tool from ECKOLD. What makes Planishing Hammer GL 2 great for the metalworking industry is that they can move rapidly across a curving surface, profiling and smoothing it along the way.

This specific product is often delivered with inserts for not only planishing but also for both stretching and curving. It can even be shipped with synthetic inserts that can yield products without damaging their surface. It can also work with swivelling tool shaft to produce quality edges and corners on workpieces.

Benefits and Applications of Planishing

Manual forming of sheet metals can be done through Planishing Hammer GL 2. This specific product from ECKOLD can also be used to restore car bodies, repairs parts, and loosen warpage on bent sheet metal pieces. These applications are possible with Planishing Hammer GL 2 due to the product’s ability to deliver 2,500 to 3,000 swiftly delivered blows per minute. Dents, wrinkles, and other impurities on the surfaces are expected to be smoothed away with this specific product.

Aside from restoring and repairing workpieces, the ECKOLD Planishing Hammer GL 2 can also generate new products on bent sheet metal pieces as well as block out architectural accents. Those who are generating architectural accent pieces can maximise this specific product in creating detailed workpieces without expecting any failures or issues throughout its use. These things can be done since the Planishing Hammer GL 2 is powered pneumatically and can work with various types of inserts.

Buy Planishing Hammer GL 2 at ENKOSI

If you want to purchase ECKOLD’s Planishing Hammer GL 2, you can contact us at ENKOSI. We are an Australian company that is focused on supplying cost-effective, high-quality production equipment and specialised tooling to the manufacturing, automation, and aviation industries. Established in 1992, we pride ourselves as a leading importer and supplier of local and overseas products.

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