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A Quick Overview of Shock Absorber Products from Enidine

July 23rd, 2021

When it comes to industrial applications, shock absorber products can truly help machines perform effectively. Shock absorber products are components that can convert kinetic energy into heat.

The kinetic energy often comes from the moving masses of an industrial machine that requires deceleration. Once the moving masses of the machine impacts the piston, the latter would be pushedand thereby pressurise the hydraulic fluid. The pressure forces the hydraulic fluid through metering orifices, controlling the fluid flow, boosting its temperature along the way. Ultimately, the heat from the fluid will be sent to the outer body of the shock absorber product and the surrounding environment.

Knowing the Enidine Brand

One of the companies that offer high-quality shock absorber products to various industries is Enidine.

Enidine, which was established in 1966, is a company that offers a wide array of helpful machine components to the industrial, aerospace, transportation, and defence industries. Some products that the company offer are shock absorbers, rate controls, air springs, emergency stops, heavy-duty buffers, and wire rope isolators. The diverse set of products from the company allows them to sustain engineering excellence and technical support to various businesses.

Enidine’s Shock Absorbers

With more than 50 years of operations, Enidine has truly attained the know-how of generating shock absorber products for different industries. The company has even released a wide variety of these products to ensure that every need and requirement of businesses will be met fully. Some types of shock absorber products that Enidine currently offers are as follows:

  • ECO OEM / OEMXT Series: This specific product line, which is part of the Adjustable Series Hydraulic Shock Absorbers family, is known for offering the best energy absorption solution to applications that boast varying or undefined input parameters. Products from this series have an adjustable knob design to accommodate different damping forces.
  • TK Micro-Bore Series, STH Series: These series, which is grouped under the Non-Adjustable Series Hydraulic Shock Absorbers family, are comprised of products that can accommodate different energy conditions. These products can provide consistent performance and absorb maximum energy despite having compact sizes.
  • ECO Series: Also part of the Non-Adjustable Series Hydraulic Shock Absorbers family, the ECO Series from Enidine can sustain a wide array of energy conditions. Products from this specific series are designed out of eco-friendly materials and fluids, which can all work despite having various masses or propelling forces.
  • PMXT Mid-Bore Series: The PMXT Mid-Bore Series is another series that is part of the Non-Adjustable Series Hydraulic Shock Absorbers family. Products out of this series can accommodate various energy conditions and absorb maximum energy despite having compact sizes. They are set to perform well under low velocity and high drive force applications.
  • HDN, HAD Series: These series are part of the Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers family, which can all protect machines from large impacts in heavy-duty applications. They may come in different stroke lengths and damping properties, ensuring that they can meet the stringent deceleration requirements of various machines.

To know more about these products, feel free to call us at ENKOSI.

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