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Advantages of Desoutter Industrial Tools for the Automotive Industry

August 31st, 2020

The automotive industry is relying heavily on tools to easily manufacture, assemble, repair, and maintain automotive parts and components. From the external chassis down to the engine parts, businesses in this industry must make sure that they have complete industrial tools for their intended activities.

To date, there are a lot of companies that offer the needed tools and equipment for the automotive industry. One of these companies is the Desoutter Industrial Tools.

Key Information about Desoutter Industrial Tools

Established in Great Britain, Desoutter Industrial Tools have been running and operating since 1914. Their experience with industrial manufacturing has provided them the needed knowledge to offer products revolving electric and pneumatic assembly tools. Most of their offerings are utilised by well-known companies in the industry of aerospace and automotive. These companies include Airbus, Aprilia, Caterpillar, Comac, General Motors, Toyota, and Volvo.

The range of offerings from Desoutter Industrial Tools is abundant. With their decades of experience, the company is now capable of producing tools that can be used in different types of applications. Some of the tools and systems that they manufacture today are battery assembly tools, electric assembly systems, industrial smart hub, low voltage electric screwdrivers, pneumatic fastening tools, torque measurement systems, pneumatic grinders & sanders, auto-feed drills & tappers, and air motors.

Automotive Industry and Desoutter Industrial Tools  

The automotive industry, which is now moving towards the assembly of electric vehicles, can utilise the offerings of Desoutter Industrial Tools. Electric vehicles are typically composed of high voltage power distributor, inverter, converter, onboard charger, power electronics module, and battery management system. All these parts face certain challenges when it comes to their overall assembly.

Fortunately, Desoutter Industrial Tools have all the products needed to overcome these challenges. One of its products is the wireless transducerised battery tool. It is a tool that can easily assemble connectors on electric vehicles due to its flexibility. It has a multi-step tightening program and advanced tightening strategies that can ensure zero-fault and full traceability.

Other parts of both conventional and electric vehicles that can be assembled by Desoutter Industrial Tools are motor and transmission. Some tools of the said company that can be used for these parts include screw feeding systems, positioning systems, and angle head nutrunners.

These products have advanced tightening strategies and multistep tightening programs that guarantee uniform clamping force and effective sealant distribution. They also have customisable multi spindles solutions for short time applications. The automatic tightening and screw feeding systems of these products likewise boost overall productivity.

General Benefits of Desoutter Industrial Tools  

In general, all products from Desoutter Industrial Tools can be maximised by the automotive industry due to their overall quality. Their offerings can greatly reduce repetitive stress injuries, minimise operator fatigue, provide greater productivity, eliminate long handling times, and incur lower recruitment costs.

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