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All the Features and Applications of Automation Profile System

September 27th, 2021

Manufacturers of various parts and components maximise a lot of tools and equipment pieces just to carry out their works. Additionally, they integrate different processes to ensure that they come up with all the vital things needed by a wide array of industries.

Our company, ENKOSI, offers great solutions to manufacturers of parts and components. We are an Australian company that is primarily focused on manufacturing and supplying high-quality production equipment and specialised tooling. We manufacture aluminium profiles, assembly stations, production lines, and conveying systems. We likewise import profile accessories, gripper mechanisms, bellows, industrial shock absorbers, and machine maintenance equipment.

Another product that we offer to our clients is Automation Profile System or APS. It is an industrial building kit that can be utilised in modern plant construction and other applications. APS typically consists of aluminium profiles, joining elements, and a wide range of accessories.

Primary Features of Automation Profile System

The APS is generally known for being economical, flexible, and functional. Since it is made here in Australia, it easily fits almost all the applications that are being conducted by different local businesses. It is even simple to use, ensuring that various industries can maximise it without any issues.

And unlike other industrial building kits, the APS does not need any welding and painting. The only processes that can be done with the Australian-made industrial building kit are drilling, tapping, and sawing. The utilisation of standard components likewise means that the APS only requires less engineering time. The components are even reusable and only require minimal maintenance, which makes the whole industrial building kit environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

The APS is also readily adjustable, changeable, and re-mountable without requiring special tools. So, even with the addition, removal, or alteration of parts and members, the industrial building kit’s efficiency remains high. Ultimately, it is durable and appealing.

Automation Profile System Basic Applications

Given the primary features of APS, many industries truly maximise them in a lot of ways. Some of the most notable applications of APS include workbenches, workstations, assembly stations, enclosures, guards, and partitions. The industrial building kit can also be maximised in machine stands and bases, conveyor and transfer systems, shelves and storage systems, infeed tables, test rigs, transport trolleys, and shop carts. All the possible applications of APS allow businesses to carry out their operations without any limitations. Utilising the APS likewise grant them the chance to thrive in their respective fields.

If you want to find out more about the APS, you can always contact us at ENKOSI. We are an Australian company that is focused upon manufacturing and supplying cost-effective, high-quality production equipment and specialised tooling to the manufacturing, automation, and aviation industries. Having offices in Victoria and agents throughout Australia, we supply aluminium profiles, manufacture assembly stations, workstations, safety enclosures and end of arm tooling systems.

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