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An Overview about Enidine Large Bore Hydraulic Damping Devices

May 14th, 2020

Enidine Large Bore Hydraulic Series Damping Devices are products designed for energy absorption application requirements when input parameters vary or are not clearly defined. By simply turning the adjustment knob, the damping force can be modified to accommodate a wide range of conditions for your application. Below is an overview about Enidine Large Bore Hydraulic Damping Devices.

Enidine Large Bore Hydraulic Damping Devices Basics

Enidine offers the broadest range of large bore adjustable industrial shock absorbers and mounting accessories in the marketplace today. The Enidine OEMXT Series provides a low profile adjustment knob offered in imperial or metric thread configurations with stroke lengths of one to six inches. For drop-in competitive interchange. Low Range (LROEMXT) Series products are also available to control velocities as low as 3 in./sec. and propelling forces as high as 4,000 lbs. OEMXT and OEM Large Series shock absorbers are fully field repairable.

Enidine Large Bore Hydraulic Damping Devices Product Description

The Enidine Adjustable Series Large Bore Shock Absorber that gives out adaptable results in retention of vitality in the requisition prerequisites when it is utilised as a part of parameters. Enidine offers customisable stun absorber and mounting frill in the commercial centres today.

Enidine Large Bore Hydraulic Damping Devices Specifications

The Enidine Large Bore Hydraulic Damping Devices have an adjustable design lets you “fine-tune” your desired damping and lock the numbered adjustment setting. Its internal orifice design provides deceleration with the most efficient damping characteristics, resulting in the lowest reaction forces in the industry. The threaded cylinders provide mounting flexibility and increased surface area for improved heat dissipation. There are incorporated optional fluids and seal packages  that can expand the standard operating temperature range from and its ISO quality standards result in reliable, long-life operation.

Operational parameters can be expanded through the use of Enidine’s Low Range and High Performance products. Custom orifice non-adjustable units (CBOEM) can be engineered to meet specific application requirements. A select variety of surface finishes maintains original quality appearance and provides the longest corrosion resistance protection.

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