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Basic Principles of Vacuum Cups

November 23rd, 2020

When it comes to the material or product handling applications, there is one tool that can easily carry out the movement of products. Vacuum cups are intended to work with material handling systems, allowing them to secure and move different types of products from one place to another for further processing. They serve as the middle ground between the material handling or vacuum system and the workpiece.

There are certain aspects and working principles of vacuum cups that you must know and consider if ever you intend to work with them. After all, the materials or products that are being processed by businesses will be different from one another.

Vacuum Cups Fundamentals

Understanding how vacuum cups work can help you appreciate their efficiency when it comes to material handling applications. As mentioned, these tools work with material handling systems. And as they interact with the workpiece surface, these vacuum cups activate a vacuum generator that helps them draw out air from the cup interior and subsequently produce a vacuum. Since the air pressure inside these cups is lower than the outside, the atmospheric pressure allows them to hold workpiece tightly.

The holding force of the vacuum cups towards the workpiece increases if the difference between the ambient pressure and vacuum pressure is substantial. Vacuum cups can likewise hold a material better if they have a large effective area that interacts with the workpiece. As for the workpiece, it can be moved by the vacuum cups more effectively if it has a smooth, nonporous surface. Surfaces that do not meet these criteria can cause issues to the material handling process. Fortunately, the use of high-flow vacuum generators or smaller cups can help prevent any leaks during the movement.

Advantages and Applications

One main advantage of using these tools is that they can work effectively even under high-speed motion applications, making various industrial operations to be faster and more efficient. They can likewise provide gentle and careful handling of fragile components, preventing any unnecessary production expenses. Vacuum cups are also compact, light, inexpensive, and do not require complicated maintenance. All these advantages and features allow them to be effective in a wide variety of industries.

Vacuum cups can easily work with applications that must move products from one place to another. Some of the products that can work with vacuum cups include bottles, bags, bricks, wooden boards, sheet metals, and pipes. Industries that are related to packaging, food processing, woodwork, metal fabrication, automotive, and electronics can all maximise the advantages and features of vacuum cups.

Vacuum Cups from ENKOSI

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