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Desoutter: Accelerating Industry Transformation for Its Global Partners

August 17th, 2018

Desoutter engineers are in the midst of designing their own response to a new industry-standard automation standard. Known as Industry 4.0, a confluence of computer sensors and proprietary computer technology is coming together in new and productive ways. Integration acceleration is the goal here, with the newly upgraded smart interfaces installing seamlessly while the factory environment retains its productive trajectory. With the ENKOSI marketplace taking on the role of technology gateway, the Desoutter solution is driving the smart factory revolution.

What is Industry 4.0? 

The industrial revolution is entering its fourth phase. Simple mechanical assembly work came first, plus a lot of steam-powered muscle. Next came the assembly line. Third, that’s where we are now, computers and semi-automation pushed mass production to new heights. Entering Industry 4.0, factory digitisation is taking place. As sensors and smart computer hardware make their way into industrial facilities, a fully decentralised production environment is finally being realised.

The Desoutter Solution 

Accelerating industry transformation, physical factors are turned into data sets. Smart factories use this collected data to streamline the manufacturing equipment. Now, thanks to this tech, once unworkable levels of factory trace-ability and control are attainable. Essentially, the digitally processed data is used to trim system shortcomings and reduce waste. Meanwhile, creating an informational conduit that interfaces with Desoutters’ many global partners, low-power, wide-area networks close the information gap. International factories, separated by land and ocean, will experience new levels of inter-connectedness as the networked hardware talks in its universal language.

Integrating IOT Assets 

Device isolation is about to reach a jarring end. The Internet of Things (IOT) is what’s making that tough move possible. With IOT, every physical part in the industrial sector gains its own digital identity. Every sensor, every machine-learning algorithm, will talk to every other system part when this layer of computer-derived inter-connectedness takes hold. Better than that, however, especially for our global partners, the Desoutter model is accelerating every linkage in the manufacturing sector by creating a form of universal translation, which ensures any one piece of foreign equipment can communicate with its peer in another nation, another market, or another industry sector.

In Industry 4.0, there are many moving parts. But, with Desoutter accelerating the industry transformation phase and building bridges to other nations, the mission becomes that much easier to accomplish. Remember, Industry 4.0 promises enhanced manufacturing productivity through decentralised machine processing. Collected data will be analysed and intelligently processed, human error eliminated, and cyber-physical systems implemented, but this transformation has to work globally. The software, the sensors, the augmented-reality interfaces and IOT assets, each network segment must talk to one another in actionable ones and zeros.

As sourced from Desoutter’s vision of Industry 4.0 adoption.


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