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Desoutter Angle Grinders and Sanders: Benefits against Other Industrial Tool Competitors

December 3rd, 2019

Manufacturers stand on shaky ground when they self-promote their own products. Sure user endorsements and independent reviews are helpful, but there’s still that overall lack of objectivity to address. What’s required here is a comparative enquiry, with the emphasis of the investigation firmly placed on a series of analogous tool features. On one side, Enkosi Angle Grinders and Sanders are put through their paces. On the other, equivalent-grade tool manufacturers ready their own wares.

Ergonomically Designed Enkosi Angle Grinders and Sanders

Few manufacturers in this field think about the human element. That doesn’t change the fact that tool user wrist fatigue is an issue, as is tendinitis. Focusing on a KA-26 Angle Grinder, an elite member of the Enkosi tool arsenal, ergonomic design is listed right at the top of the features list. Case in point, Desoutter Sanders offer comfort, as delivered by a grip that contours to the hand of an active user. Moreover, although undeniably powerful, these torque-heavy sanders don’t allow noisy vibrational energies to pass into the tool’s frame. Pneumatic power reduces the vibrations while spring-loaded handles further dampen the rest of the organically harmful oscillations.

Loaded With Productivity Enhancements

Switching over to a KA26085B7V Desoutter Angle Grinder, this tool weighs no more than 2.7 kilos. Somehow, despite its slight weight, it provides 2,100 Watts of power, which equals an 8,500 RPM spin. Less a tool and more a surgical instrument that balanced grinding torque can be wielded by one hand. A 270° personal protection guard slots into place as work is carried out at an awkward angle. Meanwhile, this “instrument” also offers another adjustable stage. If all of the work is taking its toll because of the length of time spent on a large-scale job, because of a curving underside on some vastly sprawling surface, then a worker can re-position the exhaust outlet so that it’s easier to get up close and personal to a particularly troublesome grinding or sanding surface.

Remarkably, this article does contain a few impressive features about tool power and disc spin, but the bulk of the story is focused elsewhere. On the operator, the so-called human element, that’s where Desoutter Angle Grinders and Sanders make their most important contributions. Is this because the manufacturer cares deeply about a worker’s health? Perhaps, in part, that’s true. More realistically, production goals are brought to their knees by tired or injured tool operators. By providing ergonomically designed, pneumatically dampened tools, instruments that are built to meet the highest manufacturing standards, yet they’re also built to be light and easy to handle, then high-quality workflows become that much easier to realise.

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