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Desoutter Auto Feed Drills and Tappers: Quality Features and Pneumatic Power

January 31st, 2019

Auto feed tools let busy workers develop a steady rhythm. For example, a nail gun operator is working on a wall. He never once pauses to pick up a handful of nails, not when the auto feed mechanism is operating. Desoutter auto feed drills and tappers work under the same principle. They’re designed to enhance productivity-sensitive workstations. To do so, they rely on pneumatic/electric power, plus feed signals.

Desoutter Auto Feed Drills and Tappers: Drive Selection

There are two types of drilling and tapping solutions living side-by-side. Category one uses a pneumatic feed controller and a pneumatic drive system. Category two switches out the pneumatic drive for a more powerful electric motor. For purely pneumatic equipment, the Auto Feed Drill (AFD) label is assigned. Switching over to the electrically driven option, Auto Feed Drill Electric drives use the AFDE acronym. Again, since AFDE equipment can deliver more horsepower, they’re utilised in demanding machining setups. Wholly pneumatic AFD equipment does, however, take up less space, as it doesn’t incorporate an electric motor.

Reaping Top-tier Machining Features

Using the AFD415-3400 as a benchmark, the pneumatically controlled, auto-supplied drilling and tapping gear delivers 706N of dynamic thrust. It retracts and carries out its assigned cycle, as appointed by a mounted control block. On that controller, air inlet/outlet ports and control buttons centralise the equipment’s primary operational features. There are options for solenoid governors, proximity switches, and a stroke adjuster. For drilling, a set quantity of drive torque and a matching quantity of downward force are applied. Alternatively, for the tool’s tapping duties, an advance rate adjuster takes charge of thread pitching work. Clearly, just by looking at this brief list of capabilities, Desoutter auto feed drills and tappers can sequence scores of complicated tasks.

Infused With Feature Scalability

This time around, let’s check out an AFDE640-6300. This electrically driven model applies a dynamic thrust rating of 1557N when it’s sequencing an intricate drilling operation. With its three-phase, delta-star connected electric drive motor and air-powered control signals working in tandem, pre-configured drilling operations are directed through its control block. Optionally, a proximity switch and solenoid combine features, and those added attributes infuse the auto feed drill with even more fully automated capabilities.

Budding machining shops and process automating facilities browse AFD catalogues in search of an ideal system match. They see higher horsepower AFDE models, the electrically powered variants, and they view the low-profile pneumatic drive, pneumatic control versions that can drill and tap with more than enough strength to satisfy most applications. Incidentally, a full range of control blocks and accessories are available, should an operation find itself expanding.

For more information, download the Auto Feed Drills and Tappers catalogue, visit our Desoutter page or contact us.

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