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Desoutter CVI3 Advanced Assembly System for Efficient and Accurate Vehicle Assembly Production

May 28th, 2019

Desoutters’ CVI3 equipment nodes connect together to form complete end-to-end advanced assembly systems. There are controllers in charge of the networked tools, plus a range of bus-connected accessories. Like a massive, electronically fashioned nervous system, the different tightening spindles work synchronously, in work groups, to deliver performance enhanced parts assembly operations. Without question, this integrated, modularly designed network of simultaneously operating spindles, has been designed to fast-track car assembly work.

Equipped With Production Line Parallelism

According to the latest production line statistics, 70-million new cars are built every year. They roll onto the road to become part of a 1-billion vehicle fleet, zipping around the highways of the world. Naturally enough, there are large assembly lines building the automobiles, but they can’t keep up with the demand if they process one vehicle at a time. Quite the opposite, many assembly operations happen on those large floors, and they all take place at the same time. In danger of becoming lost in a sea of parts tightening actions, a less than capable automated setup would produce batches of error-strewn cars. That’s simply not an option, not when there are lives at risk.

Featuring CVI3 Control Reliability

So the thousands of fasteners and vehicle parts assemble almost simultaneously. There are synchronous and asynchronous jobs in motion, and every one of them must be done precisely and without error. Remember, many people drive their vehicles at speed, and they’re basically piloting heavy missiles on rubber wheels. Therefore, a quality-assured build isn’t a suggestion, it’s an absolute process mandate. Controlling those precision-directed actions, CVI3 Function Controllers and touchscreen Vision Controllers use logic-determined tightening instructions to assure a perfectly assembled wheel assembly or steering column. Sending those digital data bytes down a CVI Net Web, straight to a TWINCVI3 Vision Controller or a work group full of Function Controllers, every spindle turn and tool movement is logged. With the system memory logging every tool action, the error-proofing modules ensure a reliably safe and productive assembly output.

No matter how fast the tightening actions take place at, as carried out by a Desoutter Angle-Head tool or a similarly spec pistol-grip tightener, the error checking routines are performed with faultless accuracy. The tools are digital, too, so the efficient vehicle assembly procedures adapt on-the-fly to accommodate each unique car system. Steering column or engine compartment, chassis components or vehicle safety features, the pneumatically powered or battery-assisted tools adjust applied torque and tightening patterns to match the vehicle component and its fastening elements. Seamlessly integrated in this manner, from CVI3 Controller to CVI Net Web, the network can tell the difference between a delicate glass fitting operation and a tightness dependent wheel assembly job.

For more information, download the CVI3 catalogue, visit our Desoutter page or contact us.

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