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Desoutter Torque and Positioning Arms for Workstations: Why is This Important?

February 14th, 2019

Let’s talk about worker health. Yes, the posts made on this site do target production-grade machinery, but that doesn’t mean we can ignore the workers. At the end of the day, those hardy souls deserve attention. Now, while still thinking like a high-quality tool supplier, let’s pull in a selection of Desoutter Torque and Positioning Arms. What can these workstation-mounted contrivances do to help a production team?

Worker Wellness as a Productivity Booster

Manually operated equipment is still heavily used in applications that don’t require high-volume processing. The tools and workstation used here aid repairs and help specialists to create one-off prototypes. And those are only two worker-staffed examples, there are many more instances where manually operated workstations are favoured over automated equipment. Anyway, returning to the meat of this post, Desoutter Torque Arms are fitted to workstations so that tough fastening operations don’t cause nasty repetitive motion injuries. That’s why these tools are workstation-essential.

Breaking Down the Positioning Arms Inventory

A D53-12S X/Y Axle delivers positional flexibility to a tired staff member. His wrist is aching, but the torque arm shoulders the painful load. Now, with the ergonomically designed apparatus fitted to his workstation, the weight of a heavy tool and work piece are firmly retained by this technologically advanced beast of burden. It features a responsive clamp interface, an extended tool body, and it has room for accessory mountings. Providing enhanced torque accuracy, which translates to 12-Nm of manually supplied turning accuracy, the force-magnifying armature prevents repetitive wrist injuries while it speeds up workstation-delivered productivity.

A Precision-Based Electronic Support System

If Desoutter Torque Arms can rotate to cover a full 360° span while taking stress away from a tired operator, then why not take the system a step further? There are already D53 positioning arms populating workstations in hundreds of industries. They use folding arms and linear adjusters to finitely tune the torque settings on heavy work pieces. That’s a tough job, given the length of an average work shift. Adding even more precision to the rig, D53 can include models to provide electronic interfaces, which hook up to CVI 3 controllers. Equipped with a digital display and a sensor array, an unburdened operator can take his time as he finds a required torque setting on that digital display.

More than a mechanical support and clamp interface, Desoutter torque and positional arms provide torque accuracy while they simultaneously unburden tired workers. With the chance of a repetitive wrist injury gone, the operator has time to adjust a folding arm, or a linear arm, or an electronically monitored one, whilst an attached tool carries out a finely handled fastening procedure.

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