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Eckold Metal Forming Products: Effective Solution for Metal Fabricators and Manufacturers for the Aerospace Industry

January 15th, 2021

The aerospace industry has been maximising different types of technology and processes as part of its goal of improving vehicular flight within and beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. It entails research, development, and manufacture of different flight components and vehicles, which include sailplanes, unpowered gliders, aircraft, spacecraft, and many more.

For the industry to succeed, it must utilise effective solutions in designing, fabricating, and assembling the mentioned flight elements. Fortunately, metal fabricators and other related professionals can now use and take advantage of different metal forming products that are widely available today.

A Quick Overview of ECKOLD 

Founded in 1957, ECKOLD has been known for its capability of generating various sheet metal forming products and profiles. As time passes by, the company has expanded its reach and inventory in terms of metal forming products and processes, allowing ECKOLD to establish its reputation in certain countries.

What is great about its products is that they can effectively finish sheet metal forming processes without causing inconvenience to users. Additionally, they can easily last for a long time due to their durability and strength. Given these properties alone, metal forming products of ECKOLD are used not only by the aerospace sector but also by construction and industry sectors.

ECKOLD Products and Tools

With its experience in producing metal forming products, ECKOLD has come up with various lines of products that can be useful for the aerospace industry. Some of its product lines are as follows:

  • Kraftformer: ECKOLD’s Kraftformer line is comprised of metal forming machines that are truly powerful and reliable. They are known to be comprehensive, multifunctional, precise, and versatile in terms of providing precision work during metal forming processes. KF 800, which is one of the products of the said line, can fabricate large-scale sheet metal parts thanks to its huge horizontal reach of 800mm. KF 340, alternatively, has an adjustable working speed for better performance.
  • Forming Tools: Aside from machines, ECKOLD also has forming tools that can help process sheet metal parts. Some of their tools can shrink, stretch, dome, planish, and flatten sheet metals. Others, on the other hand, can straighten, flange, notch, punch, and edge metal sheets.
  • Multiformers: ECKOLD also has multiformers that are suitable for wheeling, planishing, and shrinking metal sheets. Their ability to combine different forming operations in just one device can significantly save space and time. They can also increase efficiency due to their modular form factor.

Convenience with ENKOSI

If you want to purchase ECKOLD products, then feel free to contact us at ENKOSI.

We are an Australian company, focused upon manufacturing and supplying cost-effective, high-quality production equipment and specialised tooling to the manufacturing, automation, and aviation industries. We likewise pride ourselves on our service to our clients and the knowledge of the products we represent and invite you to give us an opportunity when sourcing your product requirements. We are also a leading importer and supplier of local and overseas products that can be useful for metal forming needs by the aerospace industry as well as other industries.


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