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Enidine PXR Series Small Bore Non-adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

February 10th, 2022

A wide array of industries maximises hydraulic systems in ensuring that their daily processes are done effectively. Mostly found in machines, tools, and equipment pieces, hydraulic systems often work by utilising pressurised fluid in generating energy to power them. Once hydraulic systems work, repetitive tasks are expected to be done without any issues.

But to keep these systems running, industries have to utilise devices that can deter the effects of shock impulses. One device that has been helpful for hydraulic systems is the shock absorber.

Primary Benefits of Shock Absorbers

A shock absorber is a hydraulic device that can absorb shock impulses. It carries out the said function by altering the shock’s kinetic energy into another type of energy before dissipating it.

Hydraulic systems that are equipped with shock absorbers can gain numerous benefits.

For one, hydraulic systems and their accompanying machines can easily attain longer service life. Shocks and vibrations can easily cause damage and downtimes to the machines. With the integration of shock absorbers, they are prevented from developing these issues. Another benefit of adding shock absorbers to hydraulics is they can help in improving their performance. Shocks tend to control or stop moving mechanisms inside the systems. And with shock absorbers, the effects of shocks are lessened, allowing the hydraulic systems and machines to operate accordingly.

Other benefits of adding shock absorbers to hydraulic systems are higher operating speeds, safer system operations, and lower expenses.

Brand New PXR Series from Enidine

If you are looking for the best shock absorber for your hydraulic system, you may want to consider the brand new PXR series from Enidine. The brand new PXR series from Enidine are small-bore non-adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers that can take in a wide array of energy conditions. Even at maximum energy, these shock absorbers can easily absorb them within a compact envelope size.

Aside from taking in varying energy conditions, the new PXR series can also accommodate different application requirements. From a low velocity/high drive force to a high velocity/low drive force condition, these small-bore non-adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers can easily carry out their intended purpose.

Some of the features and benefits that you can expect from these brand new series are as follows:

  • Flexible size and energy absorption capacity that caters to different application requirements
  • RoHS-compliant and corrosion-resistant nickel-plated steel body and a tamperproof design
  • Inclusion of wrench flats to make mounting easier
  • Threaded cylinders to provide more mounting flexibility and improve heat dissipation
  • Integrated positive stopping capabilities
  • Quality materials and finishes to cater to customer requirements
  • ISO quality standards and specifications to provide a long service life

The models available in this series are PXR 25, PXR S 50, and PXR 100.

To know more about these hydraulic shock absorbers, you can contact us at ENKOSI. We are an Australian company focused on supplying cost-effective, high-quality production equipment and specialised tooling to the manufacturing, automation, and aviation industries.

Click here for the brochure –  PXR Series.pdf

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