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Enidine Sentinel™ 4.0 Series Benefits and Features

March 23rd, 2020

Sentinel™ 2 is the latest offering from the Sentinel™ 4.0 Series for the continually changing on-board monitoring systems. Also, as it is a microelectronic solution, it can be customised to suit your specific performance monitoring and energy management program. Its unique patent-pending design makes it the first of its type in comparison to the other designs available in the shock absorber industry. The reason for this is that it integrates electronics with Enidine’s already durable, highly functional, heavy-duty shock absorber design. Read on to learn additional benefits and features for this product.

Provides Long-Range Communication

The technology in the Enidine Sentinel™ Series combines continuous impact and shock absorber monitoring with wireless technology that allows you to communicate over a distance of 609 metres within your facilities to a PLC or other similar-type setup without requiring wires. This feature makes the Sentinel™ 2 easy to integrate with your current base of shock absorbers. With this being a safety-filled, standalone hydraulic buffer that contains an impact event trigger to signal and safeguard people along with goods.

Examples of Applications Where the Sentinel™ 2 Is Useful

As a result of its long-range communication capability, the Enidine Sentinel™ Series is useful in the following applications:

• Amusement ride end stops
• Overhead cranes
• Warehousing setups
• Other applications

A Cost-Effective System

Enidine also guarantees that its Sentinel™ 2 is affordable to ensure that the manufacturers and others can include it easily into its operating budget. In addition, this company guarantees that it will last durably to provide a high return on any company’s investment. Any business that chooses this product will have the ability to incorporate this next generation of IoT 4.0 technology into its own setup without expensive overhead costs or the need for complex product alterations. The Sentinel™ 2 is just one part of a complete lineup of Sentinel™ products from Enidine, and are just the start of providing real-time, reliable machine maintenance to the shock absorber marketplace on a global scale.

Other Features and Benefits

• A patent-pending design with unique abilities
• Wireless technology
• Continuous monitoring to keep you informed at all times
• Advance intelligence theory allows you to collect, measure and transfer velocity, positional and pressure data to the PC interface
• The predictable maintenance of the Sentinel™ 2 includes technology ranging from simple to complicated levels along with providing users a way to predict a course of management for maintenance

Enidine’s Inclusions in Its Intelligent Technology Development Targets

• An Integrated control box in the OEM’s system
• Flexibility to offer a wide assortment of markets with beneficial facts
• Monitoring capability for the amount of hours of operation, internal pressure and cycle counts
• Offering an assortment of product sizes
• Remote notification to managers or owners
• Multiple-aisle communication across a facility

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