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Enkosi Online Shop Clearance Sale! Shop Now for Tooling Products on Sale!

July 19th, 2019

Enkosi Pty. Ltd. has been and continues to be one of the best online platforms to find those elusive products that no other supplier can provide. That’s not an opinion; it’s an incontestable fact, one that has been proven on numerous occasions. Not to blow one’s own horn too hard, our inventory is loaded with high-quality parts and tools and accessories. Now, for a limited time only, our Clearance Sale is making some of that inventory more affordable than ever before.

Getting the Most from the Sale

Over 160 high-quality products, as manufactured by 30 different industry-leading brand names, are part of this Clearance Sale. Clicking on the above link, you’re transported to the discounted items, which each come with a little picture depicting their product outlines. A picture clearly does tell a thousand words, but it won’t magically convey a price tag. Look below each of the images to see the original price, and then look to the right of that crossed-out figure. Large as life, below the image and to the right of the regular charge sticker, the on-sale cost is listed. As per sale stipulations, up to 60% OFF discount rates can be found on some products. Come on, let’s skim through the affordable items.

An A-Z of Reduced Parts Costs

From the top, Apex USA sockets, power bits and slotted drive bits kick the sale off to a promising start. Stopping at a set of Bahco Needle Files, the first sub 50% price reduction hits home. But there’s no time to pause and admire the savings. Picking up speed, your roving eye passes Deburring Tools and magnetic Hex Drive Nutsetters, which are intended to hold nuts steady while their mating fasteners are tightened. From Desoutter, a 1/4″ Hex Drive, 10mm magnetic nut setter guarantees unimpeded bolt and nut locking. And that’s how the list unrolls, with budget-conscious shoppers scrolling down past GearWrench ratchets and scores of GFB Insert Bits. Barely halfway down the page, tools start to make themselves known. There’s an Irwin vice-grip, with locking clamp, on the list, which is soon joined by a range of Kincrome pliers. PB Hex Keys and Stahlwille Combination Spanners, T&E Socket Sets and Ullman Telescoping Inspection Mirrors, the sale continues in a chronologically inexorable manner.

Just so a potential sales page visitor isn’t forced to return to the top of this post, here’s a second link for the Clearance Sale. Do continue to explore our regular inventory, in full knowledge of a superior shopping experience. If you’re looking for scores of nice price cuts, though, ones that don’t compromise a sale’s item’s high-quality brand status, swing on over to that online webpage for a full serving of generous discounts.

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