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Fath Components: Different Aluminium Accessories Supply from Enkosi

May 30th, 2017

Aluminium is the new material cornerstone for the twenty-first-century engineer. Sure, stainless steel and plastic have their role here, but it is aluminium accessories that are eclipsing the rest. Fath Components endorses this lightweight material solution, so ENKOSI has an on-tap inventory of curated, Fath-supplied aluminium accessories conveniently available for your perusal. The secret of this inventories’ success, of course, is that every aluminium accessory serves an important purpose.

Aluminium Accessories: As Important as they are Different 

Durable aluminium alloys are employed in angle plates and small connectors, for these accessories are tasked with an important role. They support substantial loads while feeling the force of a compressing screw head. The high strength-to-weight ratio locked inside the light alloy is deceptively capable, more than capable, in fact, for it endures when parts-deforming loads are applied permanently or as a shock impact. Basically, the malleable aluminium plating bends readily in the workshop to produce highly usable hardware couplers, but that equipment-imbued form factor won’t fail when shear forces and loading forces stress the metal.

Assessing Miscellaneous Aluminium Accessories 

Again, just because a small part is hidden behind what’s considered an important product piece, that doesn’t mean that component isn’t product-essential. Quite the contrary, the miscellaneous plates and accessories that are cleverly concealed serve a clear-cut purpose. They’re not there to look good, not like a veneered closet panel. No, an angled panel, a part that’s drilled with numerous openings, exists solely as a working support. That’s a principle defined in the Fath Components mission statement. Built to carry out an express role, a mechanical function, the cube-shaped and L-shaped connectors are braced by a strong aluminium backbone. From here, that structural backbone extends to include caster housings and angle plates, and every other conceivable type of aluminium accessory. Indeed, the extended catalogue continues apace to touch upon bend-resistant track guides, door locks, door handles, and all of the fastening accessories that form a subset of the primary aluminium accessories families.

Assembly jobs employ countless design forms. The panels and rods that come together to form a product then lock together in clever ways, so all kinds of form factors are possible. Aluminium accessories adapt and capably support such designs so that assembled products are always properly supported. The connector plates take care of that job. Then the guide rails and door handles sit on the next accessory platform, with their viewable outlines assuming a more pleasing appearance. Still, whether those durable metal trappings are support-oriented, decorative, or built for an express function, the parts are built by Fath Components to excel in their chosen role. Incidentally, the ENKOSI supply ethic fully endorses that design-by-excellence fabrication principle.

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