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Fath Products Supplier in Australia: Best Quality Brand for Hinges and Fittings and Other Components and Accessories

January 31st, 2017

The finest closets and the best cabinets look aesthetically appealing when they’re tasked with nothing more than looking good, but they quickly lose character when their doors articulate on a substandard hinge. The stylish wooden and aluminium units just lose functionality marks when a non-branded fitting leaves the cabinet door hanging, right? A Fath products supplier in Australia won’t tolerate such shoddy fittings, not when this brand goes hand-in-hand with a best in quality build.

Best in Quality Products 

The Fath brand name partners readily with the ENKOSI supply backbone to augment an already vital distribution network. The inventoried accessories include sturdy hinges, levers, handles, and scores of quality-assured fittings. The entire catalogue employs parts that are made from robust plastics, alloys, or stainless steel. Fittings for aluminium profile systems form the core of this brand.

Supporting Product Fidelity 

As mentioned above, the best furnishings and hardiest housings appear rock-solid when they’re idle. It’s only when they’re tasked with a basic function that their true colours come out. A weak plastic handle or flimsy swivel foot provides a worst-case scenario here, for even the most robust unit will fall from grace if its handle or ground support falters. Best quality Fath products don’t subscribe to this substandard approach. Instead, the toughened accessories accentuate and reinforce your units by moving fluidly or supporting staunchly, no matter the conditions.

Brand Personified Solutions 

It’s difficult to reach the end of the scrolling pages of superior parts in the Fath manufactured (ENKOSI endorsed) accessories catalogue. There are steel-armoured fasteners and toughened plastic stoppers to peruse. Further in, light stainless steel hinges and rolling nylon fittings take over. Undoubtedly, there’s a mass-produced operational strategy running at full tilt here, but the productivity margins suggested by this high-speed processing model never impact the quality-assured products, for they’re known as proven resources in countless applications.

As the Fath products supplier for Australia, we’re well aware of how ingrained these accessories have become within every industrial and commercial domain. The hinges are used in rugged domestic furnishings, of course, as well as the best commercially-approved aluminium housings. Indeed, this branded range of fittings and accessories has found its way into every imaginable working construct, housing, and appliance. Meanwhile, here at ENKOSI, we keep up with demand by continually restocking the finely produced parts as they’re ordered.

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