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Functions and Applications of Dynatect Cable Carriers

March 15th, 2021

Many industries utilise different equipment pieces and machines in carrying out their daily processes and workload. And to keep them working optimally, they must ensure that their equipment pieces and machines are maintained all the time. Protective measures are also in place to make sure that their components will not generate any issues or problems along the way.

Cables, hoses, and hydraulic lines are some of the most critical parts that can be found on equipment pieces and machines. Without taking care of them, they can swiftly affect the overall process of an operation. They can even cause issues in terms of the safety and security of industrial plants.

Fortunately, some products can help ensure the safety of these things. One of these products is the cable carrier.

Functions of Dynatect Cable Carriers

Dynatect is one of the few companies that can produce and supply high-quality cable carriers to different industries and businesses. The said company utilises its deep application knowledge, diverse product offering, and a customer responsive sales philosophy in creating and delivering protective products for equipment pieces and machines.

One notable function of Dynatect cable carriers is that they can guide and protect cables, hoses, and hydraulic lines of equipment pieces and machines. This specific function is possible since these products have hollow structures that can surround the critical areas of the aforementioned components.

The overall assembly of the cable carriers allows them to protect the cables, hoses, and hydraulic lines from abrasives, heat, and debris. It also helps them maintain the excellent performance of these parts under the various intensity of applications. After all, allowing cables, hoses, and hydraulic lines to perform optimally can ensure machine safety and reduce overall operating costs.

Dynatect Cable Carriers Applications

As more industries utilise automated equipment pieces and machines, the use of cable carriers from Dynatect has also amplified by a huge percentage. Dynatect has likewise kept up with the demands of products that can cater to higher speeds, accelerations, and other factors.

Dynatect’s plastic link carriers have been very useful in the field of robotics, automation, and other light industry-duty applications. Their heavy-duty steel carriers, alternatively, are typically maximised in construction equipment and drilling equipment due to their ability to handle vibration and other elements. These products are great for the construction and oil and gas industry.

Some particular equipment pieces and machines that can utilise Dynatect cable carriers include a planter, pick-and-place equipment, gantry crane, horizontal directional drilling machine, high-speed waterjet machine, paving screed, drill rig, and pipe handling equipment.

Obtain Dynatect Products at ENKOSI

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