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Functions and Applications of TelaGuard Steel Covers

January 19th, 2018

Telaguard steel covers are ideal for those machine applications that require a complete rigid protection system. Unlike a static barrier, this is a dynamic solution, one that telescopes on a series of rails and guides so that the local environment is safely shielded from certain machine byproducts. Hot chips, metal shavings and cuttings, the steel covers guarantee protection. Check out this process-mirroring plated shield housing as it telescopes into position.

Exposing the Functions of A TelaGuard Shield 

The core feature set describes a flexible housing solution that prevents parts exposure. Moving along a specified machine axis, the expanding segments echo the movement of a tool head. If that tool cuts like a lathe, the steel covers slide horizontally. They move at the same velocity as the lathe, stop when the tool stops, and they reverse when the tool assembly moves back. The goal is to mechanically shadow the business end of the cutting or drilling tool, and that’s exactly what happens when Telaguard steel covers function as intended.

Stopping Flying Process Waste 

Imagine a subtractive tooling station. A steel sheet is sliding into place on the semi-automated bench. There’s a whirr of motion, then the machinery goes to work on the alloy plating. Abrasive elements cut sharp corners free of the metal sheet while another tool drills a series of holes. It’s an impressive process, but we need to shift our focus before we get hurt. This hypothetical machine station doesn’t have a dynamic protection system, so hot metal chips are flying into the air. They impact the floor, hit wooden beams, and burn into plastic control panels. Despite a static shield, some hot chips are flung several metres.

Telaguard steel covers stop the hot chips. They prevent greasy oil trails from escaping the machine guides. Up at the cutting and frictional drilling leading edge, there’s cutting oil surging out of a slender pipe aperture. That coolant hisses and evaporates as a hot cloud when it hits the hot metal, but it doesn’t escape the machine station because the rail-mounted steel plates are following every axial move made by the tool. Again, designed to mirror every axial sweep of a metalworking mechanism, this armoured protection system must be responsive, and it must be capable of mirroring the action carried out by an aggressive tooling assembly. When that mechanical attribute is satisfied, all hot chips, metal cuttings, oils and coolants are contained.

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