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General Characteristics of Air Motors from Desoutter

August 24th, 2021

When it comes to producing continuous rotary power, industries would often turn to air motors due to their accompanying advantages. One great advantage of air motors is that they do not need electrical power. They likewise have a higher power density than electric motors. They do not even need auxiliary speed reducers, magnetic starters, overload protection, and others just to perform their operations.

The advantages of air motors make them great for various applications, which is why Desoutter produces them to cater to different industries.

Desoutter, an industrial manufacturer that caters to the equipment needs of the automotive, mining, construction, and electronics industries, offers various types of high-quality air motors across the said industries. And given their long experience in manufacturing tools and equipment pieces, their air motors can easily boast the following characteristics that would be helpful to a lot of businesses.

Light and Compact Form Factor

Air motors from Desoutter are known for their light and compact form factor. Even if they have similar power output, the air motors from the company only weigh around 25% of most electric motors. Air motors likewise occupy only 1/6 of the space that is typically needed by electric motors. The lightweight and compact features of Desoutter air motors make them suitable for a lot of machines.

Torque and Load Connection

Torque is a measurement of the force that causes an object to turn about an axis. It simply determines the rotational force of an engine or motor. When the load increases in air motors, their speed is expected to lower. However, as the speed decreases, the overall torque increases. With a substantial increase in torque, the transport of loads on a system with air motors can be easier and more efficient.

Seamless Power Adjustments

Another great characteristic of Desoutter air motors is that their power can be adjusted seamlessly. Both the output and torque of the air motors can be altered by varying the working pressure. Even the speed of the air motors can be adjusted by varying the airflow. The seamless adjustments of the air motors make it easier for users to regulate their respective systems.

Protection from Overloading

Air motors from Desoutter are not only powerful, but they are also resilient and durable. They can be conveniently stalled without sustaining any damages from overloading or overheating. They can likewise be started and stopped repetitively without any limitation. And since they do not generate any sparks during operations, they can be perfect for areas that may be prone to fire or explosion hazards.

Easy Installation and Reversal

One more characteristic of Desoutter air motors is that they can be installed and reversed easily. Air motors from the company can be installed conveniently due to their light and compact form factor. Additionally, they can work in any position and direction by utilising a directional valve. These qualities allow industries to work with them very easily.

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