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Gimatic End of Arm Tooling Parts: Available at Enkosi Online Shop

September 29th, 2020

End of arm tooling (EOAT), otherwise known as an end effector, pertains to all possible equipment that can be installed and interacts with different parts and components. These pieces of equipment are usually attached to the end of a robotic arm or wrist, which can perform numerous functions depending on the needed processes. The presence of EOAT has allowed industries to achieve numerous advancements and feats over their respective applications.

EOAT may be designed according to their intended applications. It may contain off-the-shelf components to decrease the cost and possibility of breakdowns. As for their varieties, there are numerous design options and types that are being utilised in different industries right now. Some types of EOAT include grippers, force-torque sensors, material removal tools, welding torches, collision sensors, and tool changers.

When it comes to EOAT parts, Gimatic is best known for producing a wide variety of them. Operating for more than 30 years, the company can truly supply a vast range of EOAT-related products on a variety of different markets all over the world. Some of their popular tools are the following:

2-Jaw Parallel Acting Gripper

This type of EOAT part boasts different features that make it useful for tons of applications. It is known for its exclusive backlash adjusting system, longevity, reliability, ease of maintenance, and the presence of various options for fastening. It can also have an optional proximity magnetic sensor. This type of gripper can be attached to either a static or a moving part. Fastening this tool on a moving part must consider the forces created by inertia over the gripper and its load.

Nipper Blades Straight

The GN thrust cut nipper blades from Gimatic, alternatively, can be great for double-acting operation with tandem cylinders. They likewise have optional magnetic sensors for increased reliability. Other features of nipper blades from Gimatic include an optional blade heating system, the availability of blades (LA and LB) as spare parts, and high-temperature insulation. This EOAT part may come in various sizes and blade types. The G.N30AJ has an inline blade type that weighs 365 grams.

Nipper Body 30 Series

The air nipper actuators series GN, which nipper body 30 series belong, come in five different sizes. This specific series possesses magnetic pistons for sensor detection and optional magnetic sensors for added functionality. They can likewise be self-acting and self-centring and be paired with several standard blades. The GN-30S, which is one of the series’ size option, has a cutting capacity of Ø10 mm, a stroke of 2×7.5°, and a cycle air consumption of 170 cm³.

Self-Centring Sprue Gripper

Gimatic’s 2-jaw self-centring angular pneumatic sprue gripper, or the series DD, boasts a new concept with retracted sensor and optional magnetic sensors. These series have smaller dimensions in the grip area and very high closing force. This type of gripper also contains steel jaws, FDA-H1 food-grade grease, and protective mechanisms against the entry of small foreign bodies. Several updated versions are available with this specific series, allowing users to choose sensor types.

These Gimatic EOAT parts are only a few of many available options for a wide variety of industrial applications. If you are thinking of buying these parts, then head over to Enkosi online shop so that you can quickly obtain your needed EOAT parts.

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