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How Can Industries Benefit from Vi-Cas Vacuum Cup Products?

February 15th, 2021

Many components and hardware devices are being utilised by industries just to ensure the success of their operations. One of these hardware devices is the vacuum cup. A vacuum cup or a suction cup is often utilised as grippers in most manual and automated handling applications. This specific hardware device can be effective in securing and moving different types of products from one place to another. It is normally placed between a vacuum system and a workpiece or product.

Many companies are producing vacuum cup products as they are truly useful for industries, especially when it comes to packaging, food and beverage, metalworking, automotive, and many more. But one company that has been consistent in manufacturing high-quality vacuum cup products is Vi-Cas.

Vacuum Cup Products of Vi-Cas

Vi-Cas’s long years of experience in manufacturing different hardware devices has given them the edge against their competitors. The company has manufactured over 1,000 styles of vacuum cups that can be useful for specific applications and industries. With these styles, they utilise materials such as urethane, vinyl, rubber, and silicone to make them much more functional without compromising their life cycles.

Some of the most notable products from Vi-Cas include round vacuum cups, oval vacuum cups, soap cups, plastic suction cups, grabbers, cup adapters, tightening discs, grippe rubbers, rubber cups, and rollers. These products have been very useful for different industries since they are mostly made to be simple, compact, light, and affordable. They do not even need to be maintained regularly.

Maximising Vi-Cas Products

As mentioned, several industries can benefit from the full potential of Vi-Cas vacuum cups and other related products.

One of the industries that can benefit from Vi-Cas vacuum cup products is the manufacturing industry. Applications that deal with consumer products, electronics, end-of-arm tooling for robotics, and pick-and-place applications can all be done faster with the company’s vacuum cup products. Another industry that can maximise Vi-Cas products is the material handling industry. Steel fabricators, ergonomic lifters, and conveyors can all obtain the advantages of using Vi-Cas vacuum cup products.

Packaging applications such as bagging and sealing, bottling, box making, canning, conveying, filling, food packaging, labelling, and tray making can likewise be done easily with Vi-Cas’s diverse range of vacuum cup products. Vi-Cas vacuum cup products are also known to be compatible with equipment pieces that come from Kluge, Harris, Miller, Universal, Miehle, Little Giant, and so on.

Buy Vi-Cas Products from ENKOSI

ENKOSI has been in the industry since 1992, making us a leader in the field of manufacturing and supplying high-quality, affordable specialised tooling and production equipment to numerous industries.

As for Vi-Cas vacuum cup products, we provide them locally as well as overseas. We utilise our agents throughout Australia to effectively serve our clients as quickly as possible. Aside from these products, we also offer a wide variety of gripper mechanisms, bellows, vibration isolation products, industrial shock absorbers, products for machinery protection, Desoutter power tools, Eckold AG products and more.


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