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How Desoutter Tools Contribute to Efficient and Accurate Manufacturing and Assembly

December 18th, 2020

Businesses revolving around manufacturing and assembly have to ensure that their primary processes will be efficient and accurate, especially if they want to produce high-quality parts and products. With suitable and effective industrial tools, these businesses can easily come up with parts and products that would make them much more valuable and profitable.

One company that has created a lot of high-quality and high-performance industrial solutions isDesoutter Industrial Tools. Their experience in producing and selling different types of industrial tools in the market has enabled them to become one of the most trusted suppliers of these products for various industries.

Quick Background

The story behind the foundation of the company revolves around an aviator who lost a leg due to an aircraft accident. The aviator, Marcel Desoutter, was fitted with a wooden leg replacement. However, due to comfortability issues, his brother would later design a new metal artificial leg that is more mobile, lighter, and easier to manoeuvre. As more people saw the potential of the innovation, Desoutter would then establish and open Desoutter Industrial Tools to meet the needs of the people and industries.

Since the establishment of the company in 1914, Desoutter Industrial Tools have altered their strategies and product lines just to meet the demand of the market. And as they saw fit, they would later prioritise in designing and producing electric and pneumatic assembly tools.

Product Offerings

Desoutter Industrial Tools have a wide range of products intended for aerospace, automotive, off-road, and general industries. For manufacturing and assembly, the company offers numerous product lines that would truly help the industry in carrying out tasks and processes. Some of its product lines include electric assembly systems, low voltage electric screwdrivers, pneumatic fastening tools, and torque measurement systems. The company also offers drilling solutions, tapping & riveting tools, pneumatic grinders & sanders and air motors.

Known Advantages

With these tools and systems, Desoutter Industrial Tools can truly contribute to efficient and accurate manufacturing and assembly due to the following key advantages. For one, the products that the company offers can all cater to the processes that are required in assembling and repairing conventional automotive products. They can even be used in manufacturing electric vehicles, ensuring that the entire automotive industry can fully take advantage of the available industrial tools today.

Desoutter products can likewise contribute to the efficiency of industry as they are designed to reduce wrist-stress and fatigue, minimise injuries, and eliminate long handling times. As for businesses, they can expect higher productivity rate and lower recruitment costs, which can be beneficial for their overall operations and performance in the long run.

If you want to acquire Desoutter products for manufacturing and assembly, feel free to contact us at ENKOSI. We are the home of Desoutter Industrial Tools in Australia, where our staff have been responsible for import and distribution of Desoutter tools for over 30 years.


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