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Improving Workflow with Custom Designed Workstations from ENKOSI

June 9th, 2021

Laboratories, repair centres, manufacturing plants, and other similar places must utilise an environment that can bring comfort to workers. A good work environment should have designated areas that are intended for relaxation during breaks. It must likewise assign areas that are only meant for work activities.

For work-related activities, they can effectively utilise custom designed workstations. Workstations can be classified as furniture pieces and fittings that can cater to the needs of industrial sites, manufacturing plants, assembly lines, and testing laboratories. Conducting major processes and workload with a wide array of workstations allow these facilities to generate products effectively and efficiently. Biotechnology, automotive, and engineering industries can take advantage of these workstations.

Here at ENKOSI, we can fabricate custom designed workstations just to meet the needs of major industrial and manufacturing sites. Through our workstations, we can ensure that their following features can help improve the workflow of several industries.

Ergonomic Design

One great feature about our custom designed workstations is that they boast an ergonomic design, allowing workers to work effectively without getting tired or feeling any pain. Working with workstations that do not incorporate ergonomic designs would only cause workers to feel tremendously tired after working for just a short time. These poorly made workstations might even cause body pain to workers. Our custom designed workstations, alternatively, address all these problems effectively by making sure that the workers can maintain good posture, adjust them flawlessly, and finish their jobs quickly.

Adaptable Layout

Another great feature of our custom designed workstations is that they can be flexible. Our workstations can boast specifications and layout that can match the needs of a site or workplace. Some of the specifications that can be modified are height, size, shape, and layout. Even the material and elements used in fabricating these workstations can be altered based on the needs of a specific worksite.

Great Compatibility

Workstations can be very effective in worksites if they can provide their needed operations. Those that are only reworked just to meet the specifications of a new process will not only make them look cheap or hacked, but they can also lack some features that are deemed useful for the added work or process. Our custom designed workstations are fabricated from the ground up, ensuring that they are only designed to work with specialised tasks that are declared by specific industries and business.

Rugged Form Factor

One more feature about our custom designed workstations is that they are rugged and robust. Our workstations are fabricated out of aluminium profile framing and laminated benchtops. These elements allow our workstations to last for a long time. They are likewise expected to be safe for prolonged use. They can even boast a clean aesthetic style that will not ruin the appearance of the workplace.

If you want to gain access to our custom designed workstations, just contact us at ENKOSI. We are an Australian company that is focused on supplying cost-effective high-quality production equipment and specialised tooling to the manufacturing, automation, and aviation industries.


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