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Key Uses of Vacuum Cups on Industrial Applications

April 30th, 2021

Industries such as agriculture, construction, logistics, and manufacturing rely heavily on material handling processes to effectively move, protect, store, and control materials and products. These processes accompany these materials and products as they undergo manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, and disposal. One tool that can help with material handling processes is vacuum cups.

Vacuum cups are typically utilised as grippers during material handling processes. During the said applications, the vacuum cups are sealed against the surface of a material or product. As the vacuum cups are pressed tightly to the surface, the air is being forced out of them. The atmospheric pressure that comes from outside the cups presses down on the low-pressure area inside them, generating a suction area between the vacuum cups and the material or product involved.

Advantages of Vacuum Cups

The way vacuum cups work can already be an advantage for industrial applications. With their ability to grip surfaces tightly while moving, protecting, storing, and controlling different materials and products, vacuum cups can effectively make the work faster and increase the overall productivity of a business.

Another great advantage of vacuum cups is that they are compact. The overall composition and form factor of vacuum cups allow them to be workable at any given application. And with the right tools and devices, they can certainly work effectively without requiring intensive maintenance. They are also lightweight, making sure that they will not affect the performance of other material handling devices.

Ultimately, vacuum cups can be cost-effective given that they can carry out material handling processes without needing too much money. Vacuum cups are inexpensive, which makes them even more enticing for industries that require effective material handling applications.

Vacuum Cups Applications

The key uses and applications of vacuum cups may vary depending on their shapes.

One type of vacuum cups that can be utilised by certain industries is the flat vacuum cups. Flat vacuum or suction cups are recommended in handling materials or products that have flat or slightly curved surfaces. These vacuum cups have a small inner volume, allowing them to grip in just a very short time. Even with their general design, flat vacuum cups can still resist accelerations and forces that come from fast material handling movements. Products that are made from metal, glass, plastic, or wood can benefit from this type of vacuum cups.

Another type of vacuum cups that industries can utilise is the bellow vacuum cups. Bellow vacuum or suction cups are designed with one or more accordion-like convolutions, which allow them to work on workpieces at various heights. Their general design also allows them to handle materials and products that boast uneven surfaces. They can likewise grip fragile parts due to their overall structure. Curved parts such as car body panels, pipes, tubes, packaged goods, injected moulded plastic parts, and shrink-wrapped products can all be handled by bellow vacuum cups.

Vacuum Cups at ENKOSI

If you need vacuum cups for your applications, feel free to contact us at ENKOSI. We offer Australia’s largest selection of vacuum cups from Morali, Gimatic and Vi-Cas, which are perfectly made and adapted to suit the various industry requirements. We also supply a full range of vacuum system components, from suction cups and vacuum cups, air, mechanical and electric vacuum pumps and vacuum generators, vacuum gauges, and ergonomic vacuum lifters, to complete vacuum lifting systems.


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