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Linear Motion Aluminium Profile System: Important Accessories for Functionality and Safety

June 15th, 2018

Linear motion Aluminium Profile Systems (APS) take charge of smoothly sliding assemblies. They’re the guides that use their near frictionless extruded lengths to send mounted components gliding. Freely in motion, the components slide along those aluminium lines. Having described their role, we turn now to the accessories that employ these long rails. Built to provide safe and functional linear movement, these APS fittings appear frequently in the ENKOSI directory.

Simultaneous Action Systems 

Hinges are packed into every page of the APS accessories catalogue. To further expand on this fundamental opening mechanism, ENKOSI representatives are on hand to offer a number of Folding Door Elements (FDE), parts that add linear action to many types of traditionally hinged access ways. Picture a workshop bench, a modular structure that’s built out of many specially extruded aluminium rails. The guides on those rods facilitate a regular swinging motion. Then, by installing a few FDE parts, a multi-panelled folding door replaces the single rigid panel. In this way, space is reclaimed. A specially profiled bracket, plus a featureless guide ring and fastening pin are the accessories of choice here, with a lock nut ensuring free movement along the length of the aluminium guides.

Free-Moving Sliders and Tool Hangers 

The linear motion Aluminium Profile System is assembling on and around multiple workstations. The technician will soon take his seat and focus on his job. Never having to take his attention off of that task, the tech just slides tools into reach. There are several THG-S10 tool hangers located on extruded rods above the desk section. Hammers and test instruments hang from baskets, which then hang from zinc-plated steel loops. Incidentally, these loops are fabricated as snap hooks. If the sitting worker needs the basket nearby, then there’s no problem decoupling it from the mounting hook. As for moving sliders, there are plenty to pick from in the ENKOSI warehouse, including SLP 80A-S10 glass panel sliders and SLD-S10 sectional sliders. Concerning that latter product, these adjustable brackets mount easily on glass or metal to deliver economical sliding action.

Sectional sliders mount as groups of four or more on cabinet glass panels so that the pane of glass will glide into or out of place. It’s the same for the linear motion folding door elements and Double Linear Rails occupying this product directory. Certainly, linear motion APS accessories are small enough to fit inside small warehouse drawers, but that small-scale aspect changes when they’re installed. Fitted onto large multi-panelled doors and windows, plus many other moving parts, anyone who works with these units gains a functional and safe work environment.

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