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Machinery Protection Systems: Essential Products to Keep Your Machinery Assets Safe and Secure

November 10th, 2020

Machine protection systems are vital to industries as they help protect different pieces of a machine from damages that they may obtain during crucial operations. Conversely, these protection systems can prevent workers from obtaining injuries while working with and operating the various types of machines.

The installation of machine protection systems is normally the first step in fulfilling a safe workplace. Some systems come in high-quality barriers that can easily sustain any damages they may encounter and receive along the way. Other machine protection systems, alternatively, are designed to detect abnormal machinery conditions and deploy measures just to prevent catastrophic failures and damages.

Quick Background of ENKOSI 

We, at ENKOSI, know the significance of machine protection systems. Therefore, our company offers various types of machine protection systems so that we can effectively provide protection to various industrial applications and make them more effective.

Given our experience in the field for more than 25 years, we pride ourselves as a leading manufacturer, importer, and supplier of local and overseas products. Some products that we offer to the Australian market normally include safety enclosures, gripper mechanisms, vacuum cups, bellows, industrial shock absorbers, vibration isolation products, and machinery protection products.

Working with Dynatect and PEI

To serve our customers better, we are continuously working with Dynatect and PEI to offer and sell their products to the market. Both companies fabricate products in the industrial equipment protection sector.

Through the acquisition of Halltech in 2012, Dynatect has developed a full range of dynamic equipment protection supplies that can be offered to various industries. The company’s development of its line of products has ensured protection for both people and machine pieces. Some of their products normally include a wide variety of protective bellows, roll-up covers, cover skirts, Steelflex covers, Polyclutch® Slipper Clutch, and pneumatic slip clutches.

PEI Group, on the other hand, has been developing and manufacturing machine protection systems for various industries for over 25 years. This company is known to be one of the leading manufacturers of the said systems in Italy and throughout Europe, ensuring that the PEI Group continues to strive for technical innovation and other principles that will enhance their overall market share.

Machine Protection Systems

Some machine protection systems or products that we, at ENKOSI, offer are as follows:

  • Way Wipers:Way wipers normally work with telescopic steel covers and can be moulded according to the customer’s specifications. They are normally fabricated out of the latest machine-building advances and requirements, making sure that these wipers can effectively resist microorganisms, mineral oil, coolants, acids, gasoline, and extreme temperatures.
  • TelescopicSpringsThe SpringGuard telescopic springs are designed to protect machines from mechanical damages and prevent people from accidents. This specific machine protection system has high reliability despite heavy-duty conditions and long-time use. These telescopic springs are designed to follow the motion of a machine through the spring force.
  • Folded BellowsAnother common machine protection system that is utilised in industries today are folded bellows. Through the help of a special production process, these folded bellows can perform stably and firmly. Some of these bellows are integrated with limiters or scissor systems, making them suitable for machine tools, testing machines, water-jet machines, welding lines, and many more.

To know more machine protection systems or products, just call us at ENKOSI.


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