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Minimum Requirements for Machinery Protection

April 8th, 2021

Manufacturing and industrial plants often utilise a wide array of tools and machines to conduct their daily operations. And since operators must control them most of the time, the owners of these plants must make sure that the former will be safe from any hazards and dangers of the operations.

One notable way that can ensure the safety of operators is by requiring them to wear personal protective equipment. Teaching them all the proper procedures and appropriate behaviours when working around tools and machines is also a great way of ensuring safe operations. Another activity that can guarantee the safety of operators is to install necessary machine protection for tools and machines.

Machinery Protection Protects Crucial Areas

Even if the operators and other personnel around the site are fully knowledgeable about the proper operations of the tools and machines, the latter can still easily cause health risks once their parts and components become faulty. The materials being processed might also unknowingly manifest some defects, which would likewise expose workers to inevitable harm and danger.

With appropriate machinery protection, they can conveniently prevent three crucial machine areas from causing injuries. One of these areas is the point of operation. This specific area involves the space where the necessary work like cutting, boring, or shaping is being performed. Another area where machinery protection can be beneficial is the power transmission apparatus. This is an area wherein components are responsible for the transfer of energy to perform the necessary operation. Ultimately, machinery protection can also prevent all other moving parts from causing health risks.

Machinery Protection Primary Requirements

When selecting and buying machinery protection, there are numerous things that you should look out for.

First, your machinery protection should prevent the body parts of your operators from touching and making contact with all the aforementioned dangerous parts of a tool or machine. Additionally, your machinery protection must not be removed or tampered with easily by your operators. Machinery protection that can be detached easily may just cause harm to the operations, especially once a tool or machine starts to operate. Therefore, machinery protection must be installed securely on the machine.

Another primary requirement in selecting and buying machinery protection is that it must protect the machine from extraneous objects. It must also not create new hazards or interference that would only affect the overall operations of the tool or machine. And if possible, the machinery protection must allow operators to lubricate the machine even without removing the protection.

ENKOSI Offers Reliable Machinery Protection

We, at ENKOSI, offer the best and most reliable machinery protection products that can match most of your application. We offer bellows, telescopic springs, way wipers, and covers that are made from high-quality and durable materials. We likewise sell products from reliable brands, including Dynatect and PEI.

Dynatect has a wide range of dynamic machine protection that can make applications truly safe and harmless. Some of the products that the company offer include protective bellows, roll-up covers, cover skirts, Steelflex covers, Polyclutch slip clutches, and pneumatic slip clutches.

PEI, likewise, offer machinery protection that is reliable and dependable, given that the company has been in the machinery protection industry for more than 25 years.

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