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Morali Brand: Vacuum Cups that You Can Buy Online from Enkosi

July 20th, 2017

A comprehensive vacuum cups directory, a catalogue that’s practically bursting at its seams, wouldn’t be complete if the Morali brand wasn’t prominently featured. ENKOSI provides a diverse selection of wares from the Morali Vactec End of Arm Tooling line. The vacuum cups equip automated machines with the ability to manipulate any imaginable product, plus the accessories to really focus each vacuum suckers handling aptitude.

Defining Handling Aptitude 

It’s all very well, this throwing around of boastful words, but let’s get down to some real facts. ENKOSI supplies the Morali Vactec system and all of its associated discrete parts as an application-specific EOAT solution. The standard flat cup, single suction aperture fitting lives at the core of that German engineered catalogue, but it then swells to cover numerous tooling alternatives, including the much-vaunted FoilVAC range. Along with the SolarVac and MiniVac line, the FoilVac vacuum cup family specialises in the manipulation and transportation of glass and hard to handle materials. A bag, for example, anchors securely against a foil handling vacuum cup without tearing the delicate cellulose.

Vacuum Cup Materials 

In this case, it’s the material that interests us, not the conveyed product. Remember, every client works in a different environment, and that clients’ commodities are armed with unique characteristics. Obviously, geometric outlines will confound lesser tools, then there’s the texture of the product surface and its abrasive properties to consider. Morali vacuum cups endure in these environments because they’re are made from nitrile rubber and silicone, polyurethane and EPDM, plus numerous other abrasion-resistant elastomers. They operate in extreme temperatures, chemically challenging environments, and any other industrially difficult setting.

A Comprehensive Automated EOAT Solution 

All of these synthetic rubbers and different shapes equal product versatility. The vacuum cups are produced as flat tools, as bellow cups, and the specialised FoilVac/SolarVac system. They perform in automated electronics plants as solar cell and integrated circuit manipulators, with servo motors directing their arms. In particular, those wide area foil cups and their solar brethren move fragile silicon wafers, a lithographed commodity that could contain the next cutting-edge microprocessor, so they must demonstrate a proven reliability factor, one that’s backed by the ENKOSI quality assurance maxim.

In an age where automated machinery is responsible for vehicle panels, glass windscreens, computer microprocessors, and everything in-between, Morali vacuum cups are a go-to EOAT solution, a system that’s designed to manipulate the heaviest or lightest items with a degree of dexterity that promotes productivity while also targeting the most unique applications, even if that application involves a tiny but expensive product, such as a delicate wafer of lithography-etched, circuitry dense silicon.

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