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Morali Vactec Systems: Small Vacuum Cups Available at Enkosi

May 24th, 2018

Larger production pieces require equally large vacuum cups. Pushing that rationalisation aside for a moment, we turn to small vacuum cups, to the Morali Vactec Systems solutions that daintily manoeuver their miniature charges. Scaled down in size, these system automation aids play an essential role in numerous industrial domains. From post office backrooms to semiconductor production lines, mini vacuum cups are carrying out their fiddly assignments.

Identifying the Market Gap

An extensive range of small vacuum cups, all differently shaped and made from singular material families, are available at ENKOSI. Like the assorted confections that spill from a child’s candy bag, the variety of mini vacuum cups seems impossibly vast. There’s a good reason for that degree of diversity. Taking smaller products into account, the kind that glide along hulking equipment lines, an all-encompassing object manipulating group of miniature vacuum suckers is a crucial asset, one that ENKOSI has on tap.

Introducing Lightweight Lifters 

Small in profile but gifted with large lifting features, MiniVac sucker cups use pneumatic muscle to securely grip their lightweight burdens. They’re sized in millimetres, as measured across the diameter of each cup. Next, the SolarVac group slots into place in a factory that’s busily fabricating the newest generation of energy-efficient solar panels. The glass is glossy and slippery, yet the SolarVacs never falter as they grip each panel. There’s even a range of mini vacuum cups for the candy industry. Known as “Pralines,” the air-assisted grippers manipulate awkwardly sized sweets. Imagine that small form factor for a moment as it carries peanut-sized sweets or pharmaceuticals.

When Size Isn’t Enough 

Clever surface sucking mechanisms partner with tacky synthetic rubbers to support the air-augmented lifting system. Check out Morali Vactec Systems bellows cups, with their high retention strength feature. Lifting paper bags and other limp products without effort, these concertina shaped vacuum suckers are available in tiny cup sizes. A skinny 4mm wide cup will lift and collate small envelopes, tiny circuit boards, and all manner of diminutively sized products. Finally, above and beyond these common form factors, look for oval and rectangular mini vacuum cups, an air aided range that wins out when a specific application requires a specific solution.

The small vacuum cup inventory, as tirelessly gathered by ENKOSI, is packed with numerous mini cup shapes, cup materials, and form factors. Bellows or MiniVacs, SolarVacs or oval pads, that kaleidoscopic range of automated machine tool grippers occupies a special place in the ENKOSI catalogue thanks to Morali Vactec Systems, a manufacturer armed with the finest, most exquisitely fabricated vacuum cups.

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