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Morali Vacuum Cups for End of Arm Tooling Components

April 23rd, 2020

Vacuum cups are frequently used in both manual and automated handling applications. They are intended to secure and help move products from one place to another. They can handle products such as bottles, bags, bricks, sheet metal, pipes, and glass windows. The structure of vacuum cups makes them essential in many industries such as packaging, food, metal fabrication, automotive, electronics, and many more.

Vacuum cups are simple, compact, light, cheap, and require little maintenance. They can firmly grip parts in high-speed motion applications and effectively provide gentle handling of fragile parts and components. One popular manufacturer of vacuum cups is Moralli. It is a company that can offer and produce vacuum cups for end of arm tooling applications.

Properties of Morali Vacuum Cups

Morali produces high-quality but affordable vacuum cups from the smallest quantities up to big series. These vacuum cups match the economic prices worldwide so that they can be available for any type of industrial application. Industries that utilise Morali vacuum cups include automation and robotics, ceramics or porcelain, electronics, medicine, printing and paper, stone working, automotive, cosmetics, food and beverages, packaging, solar, timber, furniture, dairy, glass, and plastics.

Morali has great experiences and intensive technical knowledge in crafting their vacuum cups. In fact, they have managed to combine elements in creating the best vacuum cups possible today. Their vacuum cups may be equipped with nitrile rubber, silicone, natural rubber, chloroprene, polyurethane, ethylene-propylene-diene-rubber, fluor-caoutchouc, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, styrol-butadiene-rubber, or polyvinyl-chloride.

Vacuum Cups on EOAT Components

End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) devices or grippers utilise vacuum cups so that they can do their intended functionalities. These devices can effectively grasp and release parts that are being moved by the automation. They are also designed with different types and sizes so that they can simply pick up specific parts and materials.

EOAT components have precision mounting surfaces for the attachment of finger tooling. These surfaces also enable the EAOT to be mounted to a robotic arm unit. EOAT devices can be powered by compressed air, vacuum, or electricity.

The properties of Morali vacuum cups can help EOAT devices handle numerous tasks including removal of moulded parts, positioning and fixing materials, transporting products, and other handling processes. Morali vacuum cups can also withstand a specific range of temperatures, making them effective in daily industrial applications. These vacuum cups can also resist oil, solvents, and acids, enabling them to have a longer service life when you use them with EOAT devices.

If you have more questions about Morali vacuum cups, you can contact us at ENKOSI. After all, we are authorised to import a range of profile accessories, gripper mechanisms, vacuum cups, bellows, industrial shock absorbers, vibration isolation products, and machinery protection products.

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