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More Information about Eckold AG Products

April 30th, 2018


Eckold was founded in 1957 as a company for forming of sheet metal and profiles. Currently a name that is synonymous with excellence in sheet metal forming or finishing, this company also leads the industry in chipless cold forming with shrinking and stretching methods and as a pioneer in advanced clinching solutions for sheet metal joining. This company produces an unequalled selection of standard tools as well as single-custom-designed solutions. With use of the Eckold PowerJet wet blasting systems, specified surface finishes that can be reproduced are now achieved, particularly for use in edge preparation.

The Eckold team does not compromise in terms of top-tier performance products. This company invests in its own unique versatility and inventiveness while successfully making new improvements and sharing its knowledge and expertise. In 2014, the company introduced new wet blasting technology to the U.S. and global market, and in 2015, Eckold merged with ISOCON AG, as a complete integration.

ENKOSI is the authorised distributor of Eckold products in Australia and ENKOSI personnel will participate in the upcoming exhibit for Eckold during National Manufacturing Week in Sydney May 9-11, 2018.

When you purchase Eckold equipment, you and your business will receive outstanding benefits from use of the ultimate top-line, sophisticated machinery currently obtainable in the sheet metal and profiles forming industry today. All of the Eckold metal forming machinery is designed to operate with ingenious simplicity, are precision-made and extremely durable.

Some of the innovative Eckold AG products in highest demand in industry today that will be featured in the ENKOSI exhibit include the following:

Kraftformer – This line of metal forming machines from Eckold is powerful and dependable, exhibiting top levels of quality. Power formers with Eckold’s advanced designs and extensive tool options are excellent for multi-functional purposes and use. Precision work is accomplished due to the fine dosing capability provided by the forming force. The Kraftformer machines are all powerful and durable with precision operations

English Wheels – English Wheeling is an old and well-known method for forming sheet metal in which the panel is moved back and forward between two rollers (the upper wheel and anvil) by the craftsman. The Eckold English Wheels are extremely strong and durable.

For further information concerning the Eckold AG products now being distributed by ENKOSI, feel free to contact us by phone or email. ENKOSI experts will guide you in deciding which Eckold products are best suited to your specific preferences and needs.



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