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Motion Systems

May 25th, 2021


In partnership with Motion Systems, Enkosi is excited to announce the launch of the Qubic System Simulator. With the Qubic QS-220 PL extended set of four actuators for 3DOF, racers can expect the most realistic and precise simulation.

The 3DOF configuration provides incredible levels of feedback to the driver and allows you to feel exactly what the vehicle is doing in real time. During competition, drivers can feel every possible detail noticeable in a real race (including motor vibrations, road surface, bumps and shunting effects etc.) With 3DOF you can feel like you’re in a real race session directly from your home!

As with our regular simulators, we can supply a completely customised sim built from the ground up right here in Australia.

If you already have a rig of your own, we can provide the actuators, power cabinet and motion controller to add to your existing sim.

Email us at info@enkosi.com.au to book a test drive or for more information.


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