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PB Swiss Tools: Quality Swiss-Made Hand Tools Available at Enkosi

March 21st, 2018

Mention Swiss-made hand tools, an iconic tooling nation, and know that there’s a fascinating history of precision-based mechanics behind the instruments we’re about to describe. And they are instruments, the kind that can make the smallest adjustments, for the word “tool” really doesn’t do this product line justice. From high-grade handle ergonomics to alloy-reinforced tips, these Swiss-manufactured hand instruments are built for the industry professional. Let’s talk about screwdrivers.

PB Swiss Tools: Redefining the Screwdriver 

It’s a humble hand tool, but it’s also an intricate product, especially when it receives a makeover from a Swiss-made tooling authority. First of all, the tips, be they straight-edged, Philips, or Pozidrive, are designed to slot precisely into place. Fabricated from hardened, strain-resistant alloys, the beautifully engineered metal shafts then connect solidly to slip-free insulated handles. Browse over to the PB 190 Philips range to see an example of this high-quality build.

Choose Superior Hex Key Wrenches 

If any of our visitors have ever used a poorly fabricated hex key, then they’ll know what a bruised knuckle feels like. Substandard hex keys slip. They gouge fastener heads, too. Opt instead for a PB Swiss tool replacement, a range of hexagon keys that encompasses all metric and imperial fastener sizes. Cut and shaped so that each toughened tool tip precisely slots into its matching fastener socket, this hand tool line won’t slip. The L-shaped and double-ended rods really do help baffled workers when they’re working on awkwardly mounted fastener heads. Take a look at this powder-coated, colour-coded L-wrench set, the PB 410 H RB pack, which is clearly loaded with Torx-screw fastening power.

Manufacturers of Fine Striking Tools 

Here’s a hand tooling category that resists the “instrument” label we’re promoting. Basically, we’re looking at a soft-headed hammer and a pointed rod. In some amateurishly run workshop, the hammer in question is a basic blunt force tool. Manufactured by PB Swiss Tools, however, that impact-driven instrument assumes a whole new demeanour. It falls promptly, with its fibreglass handle absorbing the impact of the strike. Meanwhile, made from a super-tough alloy, the knurled rod of a centre punch carves out its strike mark with delicately wielded force.

The striking tool category demonstrates a passion for Swiss-manufactured accuracy. Sure, the mallet requires force while the chisel or punch impacts an object, but that force is disarmed of recoil. It’s accurately delivered. Then there are pick tools, scribers, and a whole range of specialist tools to pore over, as illustrated by the following page of application-specific instruments (www.pbswisstools.com). Swiss made, the tool always fits their application.

For more information, visit our shop to see our online range of PB Swiss tools for sale, download the latest catalogue or contact us.


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