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Plastic Combi Hinge & Locking Lever (PCH & LL) Accessories in Alumininum Profiles

July 27th, 2018

Plastic combi hinges (PCH) turn static system panels into smoothly swinging access hatches. They connect panels, align the profiled sections, and expand the overall frame shape. Locking levers (LL) carry out similar duties. They look much like their plain combi hinge counterparts, except there’s a lever attached to the hinge barrel of the latter fitting. To repeat, these system accessories are designed to gift APS panels with slightly different access-granting functions.

Plastic Combi Hinges 

This accessory group is composed of two near identical segments. The squarish plates are rounded, so there are no edges to cut into a finger or workbench-stored item. Meeting in the centre, the two pieces connect as semi-cylindrical hinge elements. They’re designed to swing inwards, to move their plated black sections towards the hinge joint. Finally, made of fibreglass-reinforced nylon, plastic combi hinges are built to endure large stresses for long periods.

Locking Levers 

APS systems are renowned for their versatile configurations, so why would this supremely adaptable, reconfigurable framing format limit itself to one type of hinging solution? Yes, PCH accessories are tough and capable, but they’re really designed as a single action fitting. They open, they extend to their full jointed coverage angle, and then they close until a user requires access behind the panel again. Locking levers perform an additional action. Thanks to a barrel-mounted locking post, this hinge type has stopping power. It can open and close like a regular joint, but it can also lock a supported panel at any angle. Use this feature to angle an observation panel or maintenance hatch, and know the frame will stay at this orientation until the locking lever is released.

Adding Accessory Specifications 

On a specs table, one provided by ENKOSI online, what technically-oriented characteristics expedite the sales process? Well, the dimensions of a plastic combi hinge or locking lever hinge are crucial. Then there’s the option for a backing plate or a locating pin. Finally, perhaps most importantly, there’s the load these fittings can support. With this system parameter in mind, the frame builder should weigh the panel the hinges are intended to support. By the way, in keeping with the standardised modular nature of these framing components, the hinges only accept countersunk M6 fasteners.

The screws and nuts come in sets of four, although the PH30x30 and PH30x45 fittings only require two fasteners, one on either side of the hinge joint. Otherwise, these are remarkably unvarying accessories. They’re made of a tough black plastic, and they’re dimensioned in such a way as to always be compatible with the frame outlines they’re intended to support and pivot.

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