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Purposes and Functions of Eckold Planishing hammer GL 2

November 14th, 2018

The Eckold GL2 is an ingenious portable planishing tool. Its powered hammer feature, held in the hands of a cold forming technician, smooths and shapes panels of sheet metal until they take on a three-dimensional profile, one that gives a nominated work piece the finest possible finish. Like a hundred miniature hammers, the vibrating tool moves rapidly across a curving surface, smoothing and profiling as it moves.

For Bodywork Repair Virtuosos 

Armed with an Eckold GL2 Planishing Hammer, busy car body repair techs quickly get the upper hand. The high-performance portable planisher glides while delivering 2500-to-3000 swiftly delivered blows per minute. The results, checked immediately by the tech after the tool has been put down, are impressive. The dents and wrinkles in the bodywork are smoothed away. Even in the areas around wheel wells and other complex geometrical edges, curved metal surfaces are restored. To accomplish this feat, the Eckold GL2 comes complete with a number of inserts, which support doming and metal curving projects.

Blocking Out Architectural Accents 

Mild steel or bronze, planishing tools imbue flat curved work pieces with detail. That’s a feature that creative craftsmen use to block out their latest projects, to make prototypes and rough-hewn architectural accent pieces. In a hobbyist’s garage, an enthusiast planisher can vibrate-sculpt scores of artistically fabricated masterpieces. Over at a machine shop, fabricators are interested in another role for the Eckold GL2 Hammer Planisher, a role that’ll add finesse to their products.

A Fabrication Shop Smoother-And-Sharper 

The weld seams on a cylinder are raising their abrasive ridges way too high. A sanding tool worked away some of the rough-edged seam waste, but the results don’t look good. Handling a portable planishing tool, the equipment surface-erases the seams. They’re still there, of course, but the power tool has blurred the seams until they’re no longer visible. Shaping and blocking out sheet metal cavities and projections, removing dents from car bodywork, or creating architectural accent pieces and hobbyist masterpieces, Eckold planishing tools function a lot like a metal sculptor’s chisel, if there was such a thing. That pneumatically powered hammer delivers finely profiled work pieces whenever it’s wielded by a competent operator.

By the numbers, the 50mm and 70mm hammer inserts expedite fine-edged turns and curves. The tool is loud, for it generates a 100dB noise field, but that’s to be expected when the vibrating hammer and profiled metal work pieces interact. Hammering jobs aren’t quiet. Available as a kit, the inserts and compact tool housing are all seated tidily in a reinforced tool case. It just needs to be pulled out, attached to an air supply, and then the planishing can get underway.

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