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Sustainable, Reliable, Flexible: Get to Know Enidine’s ECO Series Shock Absorbers

October 24th, 2017

Does your facility try to increase productivity by operating machinery at higher speeds? You’re not alone. But this common practice can lead to increased noise, damage to machinery/products, and excessive vibration—with a big impact on safety and machine reliability. When it comes to protecting your equipment from damaging energy, why settle for less? ITT Enidine has brought to market the industry’s first environmentally friendly industrial shock absorber that stands up to the harsh environments provided by today’s most critical applications. Enidine’s Non-Adjustable ECO Series Shock Absorbers are designed specifically with environmental sustainability in mind, but not at the expense of performance.

ECO Series Shock Absorbers offer the best corrosion resistance package for the standard product range in the industry by enduring a 336-hour continuous salt spray test. The ECO Series is ideal in corrosive environments and markets where product longevity is critical to machine life, including:

    • Robotics
    • Conveyor Systems
    • Factory Automation
    • Semi-Conductor Manufacturing
    • Food Processing Equipment
    • Metal Forming and Stamping Equipment
    • Medical Devices
    • Automotive Manufacturing

With RoHS Compliant materials, biodegradable hydraulic oil, recyclable packaging materials and a copper-free design, the ECO Series uses materials and fluids that are safe for the environment. It’s also designed using high-strength materials that enable increased damping forces giving it the flexibility in both size and energy absorption to accommodate a wide range of operating conditions with varying masses or propelling forces. Whether your application has a low velocity/high drive force or high velocity/low drive force condition, the ECO Series will deliver the performance you come to expect.

We offer our customers the competitive advantage, adding value to machinery with increased productivity, longer life, lower maintenance costs and safer operation. Want to learn more about our Non-Adjustable ECO Series Shock Absorbers? Get in touch.

Article Source: http://www.enidine.com/en-US/News/Product-Spotlight/ECO-Series-Shock-Absorber/

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