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End of Arm Tooling

ENKOSI meets and exceeds customer expectations by providing superior robotic End of Arm Tooling and Automation Technology. ENKOSI is Australia’s leader in End of Arm Tooling and can custom design, build and supply all of your requirements.

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Gimatic produces pneumatic components for handling and packaging. The Gimatic range includes Grippers, Rotary actuators, Linear actuators and “Pick and Place”.

Gimatic regularly produces and implements innovative ideas. Additionally, all of Gimatic products are covered by patent. Thanks to their hi-tech features, original designs and reliability, Gimatic products are truly unique.

All types of profiles and components specially developed for extraction robots and plastics industry devices, which may be put together by the customer as required. For cutting, crimping, nipping, breaking, bending, stamping, drawing and hot cropping: a complete range of manual and automatic air nippers for the plastics, electrical and electronics industries.


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