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Workstations and Workspace Solutions

ENKOSI specialise in providing standard and custom designed workstations. Leaders in Australia for workspace solutions, all our products are designed and manufactured in house.

Built from aluminium profile framing and laminated bench tops, ENKOSI’s workstations are suitable for a wide variety of applications and environments including industrial, manufacturing, assembly lines, and testing labs.

Our ergonomic workstations are manufactured from a light weight anodised aluminium profile. This provides the user with a safe stable design whilst presenting a clean aesthetic style.

Continually developed and refined over the years, our workstations are built to suit a wide range of industries including biotechnology, automotive and engineering. Benefits include:

  1. Improving productivity and line flexibility
  2. Reducing change over time and non-value added steps
  3. Improving ergonomics
  4. Improving part quality and repeatability

rollerrack1Roller Racks

ENKOSI can supply you with Roller Racks designed and sized to meet your specific needs and requirements. Roller Racks and Parts Carts can save you money by:

  1. Inventory reduction by size matching the containers and the flow rack
  2. Presenting inventory to the point of consumption eliminating wasted movements
  3. Promoting a first in first out consumption of inventory
  4. Modular designs that are easily reconfigurable, which allow for easy production layout changes

guarding2Machine Frames and Enclosures

ENKOSI can collaborate with your team to design custom machine frames and enclosures that are built to specification. By using high quality aluminum profile, there are many cost saving benefits that can be applied to your application, including:

  1. No welding, painting, or powder coating needed
  2. Custom designed to meet your specific requirements
  3. Short lead times for prototyping and production units
  4. Almost unlimited design possibilities

trolleyMaterials Handling Trolleys

ENKOSI offer a wide range of standard and custom made trolleys to suit your requirements. ENKOSI can work with you to custom build a trolley to your specifications

Other Workplace Solutions

ENKOSI can collaborate with your team to design custom workplace solutions that are built to your specification.

  1. Test Stands and Test Carts
  2. Architectural structures and Furniture
  3. Trade Show Displays

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