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Top Qualities that Affect Performance of End of Arm Tooling

March 26th, 2021

One special device that has been maximised by a lot of industrial applications today is known as the end of arm tooling (EOAT). EOAT is a device that is often attached to the end part of a robotic arm, allowing it to carry out tasks and functions that are deemed necessary for various automation processes.

To date, there are numerous EOAT options that industries can pick and choose from. Some of them include grippers, welding EOAT, magnetic EOAT, and vacuum EOAT. Choosing the right EOAT option can provide higher productivity and profitability levels that businesses want to achieve. It can likewise offer minimised downtimes and quicker return on investment.

When working with an EOAT for your application, there are certain qualities that can affect its overall performance and productivity. Some of these qualities are as follows:

General Flexibility

The general flexibility of your EOAT is often dependent on its configuration. The more flexible it is, the more productive the entire EOAT could be. There are certain features that can make EOAT more flexible. One of these features is the availability of interchangeable and adjustable mount. This specific feature allows you and other users to change the direction of the mount very quickly, which could easily resolve clearance problems. Other features like interchangeable jaws and tips could likewise make your EOAT more productive since they can cater to a wide variety of application requirements.

Overall Durability

EOAT’s performance and productivity could also be affected by its overall durability. EOAT options that have hardened impact plates and jaw mechanisms, as well as rugged mounting brackets, are guaranteed to work for a long time since these parts can protect them from wear and tear. These features likewise allow them to withstand a significant amount of work cycles, vibration, and fatigue. An EOAT that is compatible with die lubricants or other similar fluids is also expected to last longer. Opting for one that is not compatible with the said lubricants might only prevent it from cycling successfully.

Total Service Life

For certain types of EOAT like the grippers, their total service life must be able to handle at least 5 million cycles without any troubles or issues. Their grip force is expected to remain stable and constant during their applications, all without instances of random drop-offs as their cycles increase. Their mounts must also hold their positions without adjusting them periodically. Fasteners, tips, and mechanism of EOAT options must likewise remain tight and do not manifest signs of wear and stretch. The addition of lubrication must be minimised or even prevented to preserve the longevity of the EOAT options.

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