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Understanding Desoutter PivotWare Process Control Solutions

August 13th, 2020

Different products are now readily designed, assembled, and produced with the assistance of computers and their related software. While automation has helped businesses produce products in huge quantities, it also provided companies products that do not compromise quality. The possibility of adding more and more defining features in a specific product is now even doable thanks to the integration of automation in the whole assembly line of manufacturing and industrial processes.

Process Control System Solutions Overview

The popularity of process control systems is unprecedented. They have helped industries maintain a high-quality output of a specific process without compromising its overall features. These systems know too well the exact combination of components that are needed, the perfect elements that can help create a specific output, and the appropriate processes and limitations that can match the requirements of a certain output or product.

One of the advantages of this system is that it enables automation. It can work with different types of equipment, any necessary information, and some operation personnel for the industry to produce complex processes. As a result, the need to physically monitor processes or manually store or collect data will be reduced significantly. Another advantage of a process control system is that it can work with applications that deal with pressure, temperature, vibration, connectors, flow, and other variables. Safety and energy efficiency are also both maximised when embracing a process control system.

Knowing Desoutter PivotWare Philosophy

Desoutter Industrial Tools is an industrial manufacturer that provides both electric and pneumatic assembly tools, which are being sold in more than 170 countries. One of the company’s outstanding product is its PivotWare Process Control Solutions, which is a great example of an excellent process control system solution. The philosophy of PivotWare revolves around:

  • Complete Independence:The configurability of production processes based on the variants of products is easily achieved with PivotWare. It guarantees the fastest response times out there and ultimately saves valuable resources like time and energy.
  • Island-based Architecture:PivotWare boasts its island-based architecture, which basically means that all processes and work results are being stored locally. It ensures secure production against any unexpected disruptions and aggravating network failures.
  • Demand-oriented Expansion: The open structure and modular setting of PivotWare allows businesses to get what they want. From new tools to eccentric features, all needed elements for an assembly to work can be swiftly provided by PivotWare.

Beneficial Features of Desoutter PivotWare

Aside from the general features of control system solutions that are previously mentioned, the following are some more features of Desoutter PivotWare that a manufacturer can expect:

  • Worker Assistance: Workers can easily grasp PivotWare through the step-by-step guiding process of its easy-to-read user interface. It can even parameterise tools and call process steps to ensure workers can flawlessly work with this control system. Configuration of its processes is also simple due to its utilisation of Fusion editor, which can quickly add process changes and new variants without the need for any programming knowledge.
  • Strong Networking: A variety of interfaces is available with PivotWare. It can easily connect with tools, test equipment, scanners, printers, or sensors that are needed for processing products. Additionally, each networked station can be quickly monitored by retrieving their respective reports. With the help of remote access, intervening with the processes is possible whenever necessary.
  • Performance Detection: Any errors in assembly, forgotten operations, and missing components can all be instantly detected by PivotWare. Its integration with Smart Tools and real-time feedback allows an assembly line to detect notable defects and initiate protocols associated with it. Moreover, the results and serials numbers of all works are recorded, providing project managers the opportunity to review and analyse production numbers and performance statistics.

Desoutter’s own PivotWare process control solutions can truly help manufacturers achieve their needed processes without any complications and complexity. If you want to gain access to this process control solution, feel free to contact us at ENKOSI.

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