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Understanding Enidine SIDAS (Shock Isolating Double Acting Spring) Products

December 17th, 2019

To be clear, the majority of electronic equipment is still very delicate. True, there are military-grade electronic components, but these are designed to handle major temperature swings, plus the occasional hard knock. Enidines’ Shock Isolator Double-Acting Springs (SIDAS) product range is utilised when such onerous conditions present themselves. Basically, the hydraulic dampers, equipped with highly adaptable transient response parts, prevent solid-state electronic components from receiving jarring impacts.

SIDAS Hydraulic Damper

For full energy absorption, the compact cylinder utilises a two-chambered architecture. In the first half of the device, a strong mechanical spring uses its physical coil to provide fixed preload stability when a strong impact is experienced. Should the vibrations resonate through the spring, a hydraulic dampener delivers dynamic vibration-absorbing energy. Fundamentally speaking, mechanical springs can be overwhelmed. The force equalising capabilities of a steel coil can be exceeded. But then there’s the second stage to equalise the transient forces. The mechanical spring and hydraulic tube basically combine forces to cancel out all dynamic vibrational energies and collisions.

Finding Applications for SIDAS Products

Earlier in this post, we mentioned solid-state electronics. While it’s true that this two-stage transient response compensator does prevent tiny electronic parts from getting damaged, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as the device’s capabilities are concerned. Suppose this was a complex piece of avionics, as fitted in a commercial airliner. Or it’s an electrical panel used in a military vehicle. Far from solid and static, such electronic assemblies add gyros and directional mechanisms to the mix. If these components receive a knock, course corrections or mapped out routes could be lost. By using SIDAS products, those delicate electronic guidance systems work without interruption. As a matter of fact, perhaps by utilising a computer modelling simulation program, different transient response curves can be programmed into the device. Then, should a particularly troublesome vibrational frequency begin to resonate, then the static preloaded spring and its hydraulic dampener will partner again to zero-out that noisily propagating oscillation.

Essentially, these are intelligent, fluid-based springs with a preloaded mechanical coil section. The metal coil handles the occasional knock. If its capabilities are overwhelmed, then the hydraulic stage enters the fray as an intelligent transient response equaliser. It’ll cancel out the vibrational energies that can damage solid-state electronics and confound sensitive electronic guidance systems. Employed in heavy industrial gear, in frames that are on the move along the ground, on avionics systems that accompany fast-flying aircraft as they navigate the skies, and in military equipment, SIDAS products respond to the smallest vibrations and compensate accordingly.

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