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Understanding the Working Principles of Burraway Deburring Tools

August 9th, 2021

Tons of machining processes are conducted to generate different types of products. While the results of these processes can typically generate great results, some products end up obtaining burrs.

Burrs are rough edges in products that are typically caused by irregularities in specific machining processes. These rough edges can easily affect the overall characteristics of products, which is why they are recommended to be removed right away. Burrs must also be removed so that the products can fit well in certain assemblies and undergo more machining processes. Their removal is likewise essential to prevent people from obtaining injuries when touching the surfaces of the products.

One great tool that can remove burrs is the deburring tool.

A Basic Overview of Deburring Tools

A deburring tool, as previously stated, is a tool that can eliminate burrs from the edges and holes of a product. Generally, this tool can be utilised by sliding its blade at an angle along the edge to create enough friction for the removal of burrs.

Using this tool can generate smooth finishes out of products with rough cuts, which ensures that the products can be used for further processing or machining, retail distribution, or general use. With a high-quality deburring tool, products are likewise expected to be free from jagged and irregular edges, making sure that they are safe to touch or utilise.

Some materials that can maximise the capabilities of the deburring tool include raw sheet metals, aluminium products, copper sheets, steel machine components, PVC pipes, and mould-injected plastics. Many deburring tools are capable of deburring most of these materials without any issues.

Deburring Tools from Burraway

Cogsdill, a company that manufactures precision tools, offers deburring tools that can be effective in removing burrs in a wide array of products. Under the brand name Burraway, the company’s deburring tools can be effective in various applications given that they feature replaceable cutting blades. They also have numerous sizes of blades, which can regulate the amount of edge break. They can likewise suit different manual and CNC machines that make them very practical to tons of industries.

A Burraway deburring tool works by inserting it on a workpiece. Once it is positioned correctly on the product, its spring tension will hold the extended cutting blade while removing the burrs on the front of the hole. The feed load is then expected to increase, expanding the tool’s spring tension before retracting its blade automatically while passing through the workpiece. Ultimately, the blade will extend again, removing the burr on the backside of the workpiece’s hole as the tool returns from its initial position.

Burraway deburring tools can be grouped into three types, namely, Type A, B, and C. All these types operate on the same basic principle that is discussed earlier. The only prominent difference among these types is their overall tool diameters.

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