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Uses and Features of Enidine Polyurethane Bumpers

September 10th, 2019

In mechanically challenging floor spaces, big rubber bumpers bring heavy-duty equipment frames to a force-dampened halt. Otherwise, the machine part would coast dangerously away from its intended at-rest position. Enidine polyurethane bumpers build on this principle. They’re essentially designed to arrest and brake a swinging or linearly conveyed load. Otherwise, the momentum stored in some heavily moving cargo could pose a dangerous threat.

A Case Study: Hoisting Applications

Cleverly designed hoist gear trains make high-tonnage material transferal operations look effortless. But the truth is, pallets laden with heavy materials receive masses of kinetic energy when they’re first lifted. The energy overcomes the weight of the materials, the bulky dimensions that determine its shape, plus that ever-present planetary force known as gravity. Now, even if the pallet were to stop mid-journey, its weight would be transformed into potential energy. If a hoist cable snaps, it’ll drop fast and hard. Potential or kinetic, those are the twin forces polyurethane bumpers buffer and absorb.

Designing Application Decelerating Devices

Polyurethane pads have already become an established vibratory dampening asset on noisy equipment frames. When electrical motor and fluid-powered pumps hit their stride, the chunky blocks of synthetic rubber cancel out the dissonance and prevent the noise from propagating. On larger applications, crane and hoist cradles transfer unwieldy payloads. True, there’s less vibrational trouble to handle, but now there’s that potential energy. As the equipment comes to a rest, the transferred materials will continue to move. Momentum, inertia, call it force or thrust, the fact is that consignment will move unless some outside system acts upon it as a stopping mechanism. Enter Enidine, with a range of highly-engineered energy absorption solutions.

Expanded Resin Crane Bumpers

Tables full of RME and RMV Bumpers come in a broad array of sizes. The top of the tables describes product specs that’ll handle all possible forces and their effects. Moving and static energy collision forces are detailed in each one, then there’s the impact velocity and deflection percentiles listed, too. Ultimately, each polyurethane bumper can compress on impact until it occupies 75% less space. During impact, the energy carried by a moving part is fully absorbed until that part comes to rest. Cranes and hoists benefit from this feature, as do ladle transport cars, rail-mounted vehicles, and harbour gantry heavy lifters.

Polyurethane bumpers are composed of open and closed-cell material. What’s more, the synthetic rubber provides excellent energy absorption capabilities. And, while other soft, malleable plastics lose their compressive features when attacked by oily fluids, the RME and RMV series of polyurethane bumpers lays claim to a number of fluid-resistant properties. In short, this material will exhibit its full load-stopping talent when assaulted by oils, greases, temperature extremes, or gasoline.

For more information, download the poly bumper catalogue, visit our Enidine page or contact us.

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