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What are the Advantages of Using Desoutter Pneumatic Grinders?

June 11th, 2020

Desoutter is a brand well known for manufacturing industrials tools that does not solely focus on increasing productivity. One of their products is the pneumatic grinders. These pneumatic grinders are believed to offer productivity at an affordable cost. Below is an overview of Desoutter Pneumatic Grinders and its advantages.

Desoutter Pneumatic Grinders

Desoutter pneumatic grinders can come in various forms. They could be collet grinders, grinders for cone wheels and type 1 wheels, and grinders for depressed centre discs and cut-off discs. Further information about these tools and their specifications are available if you contact Enkosi.

Desoutter Pneumatic Grinders Prevents Electrocution

It is normal to expect the possibility of electrocution and fire when using an equipment such as grinders. This is due to the presence of cords and wires that are susceptible to damage and breaking. Exposed cords and wires are the number one cause of electric shocks. Aside from that, grinders can also be used in areas with moisture and flammable materials which causes fire. This is where pneumatic grinders are significantly beneficial. They are considered as air tools that require zero electricity and they have rotating vane air motors that generally have no spark.

Desoutter Pneumatic Grinders are Lightweight but Heavy-Duty

Pneumatic grinders are designed to have a smaller structure as compared to electric grinders. However, they must never be underestimated because they can produce a great amount of productivity in a lighter form. Pneumatic grinders can maximise their output in accordance to their indicated horsepower. In other words, pneumatic grinders with one horsepower will offer a corresponding amount of one horsepower of material removal.

Desoutter Pneumatic Grinders Increases Output

As mentioned above, pneumatic grinders perform better than most tools to an extent. Look at it this way, traditional grinders depend on the revolutions per minute (RPM) which will indicate the performance of the grinder. The grinding wheels, fibre discs and flap wheels all operate at a certain RPM. Pneumatic grinders are different, they have a speed control mechanism called governor which regulates air flow on the tool, thus controlling speed and accuracy.

Desoutter Pneumatic Grinders Perform Well at Harsh Environment

Most tool owners are aware that harsh environment as well as harmful elements can significantly reduce the life span of an equipment. Exposure to moisture and sunlight can damage or deteriorate the condition of their tools. Aside from that, other heavy-performing equipment have a duty cycle – time allowed to operate without risk of tool failure. An electric grinder, for example, is only allowed to continuously run for four minutes at a time with a resting period of a minute. Such breaks in operation can decrease productivity. Pneumatic grinders are able to skip such a limitation. In fact, they can operate 24/7 with filter regulator lubricant. They are also made with aluminium or steel casings that makes them moisture resistant. They can also be used underwater if their exhaust vents are structure above the surface.

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